Rachel Foy is The Soul + Food Freedom Intuitive. She works with soulful ambitious women who feel that something is missing in their life reduce their anxiety, overwhelm and fear by reconnecting back to themselves and their soul hungers. Helping them live their life on purpose with confidence, happiness and joy and no longer waiting on the weight. The Hungry Soul Radio is aimed to open the conversation around speaking our truth, owning what we want, talking about the things which no longer feed our souls and helping us reconnect to who we truly are, meaning more fun, more happiness and more pleasure in life

A former diet junkie and food obsessive who dipped in and out of eating disorders, Rachel has had her fair share of experience in this field after being a hungry soul for 14 years. Her approach to feeding the hungry soul in order to bring happiness, balance and joy back into women lives is a combination of 10+ years as a therapist, thousands of hours of clinical and private coaching, the latest cutting edge mindset techniques, eating psychology, soul alignment and a sprinkling of ‘out of the box’ thinking (aka woo woo!)


The hungry soul radio podcast rachel foy

Rachel helps women understand that their dysfunctional eating is symbolic of a deeper hunger

She helps women understand that how they choose to numb out of life at the moment, whether it be through food, drink, toxic relationships, compulsive shopping, social media amongst a few, is symbolic of the parts of their soul which is starving for more

She helps women recognise that their freedom with food, their bodies and themselves will never happen until they are honest with what they are truly hungry for and then step into that place of truth

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