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I’m Rachel Foy, Therapist for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Besides freshly grounded coffee and a massive slice of cake, I love nothing better than helping high achieving and ambitious individuals like you break through to the next level of success by working on the inner stuff that tends to hold them back.

Working with me as your therapist is like super charging your potential!

I’m not here to fix you but I am here to help you overcome, work though and heal whatever is holding you back from stepping into your fullest power and potential for even greater success in your life and business.

Using my own Transformational Mindset Method™️ allows my clients to achieve lasting results in whatever area they are wanting help and support in.



I work with a variety of high achieving clients as their therapist across a large range of high performing occupations and entrepreneurial businesses.

I help you by changing the beliefs, navigating the blocks, re-writing the stories and healing the hurts which are holding you back in some way so self doubt, resistance, self sabotage, procrastination, limiting beliefs, inner critic and feeling overwhelmed become a thing of the past.

I totally get you if you are:

The Entrepreneur – I started my first business 12 years ago. I’m a visionary too. Money mindset. Strategic thinking. Abundance is our birth right 

The Overachiever – Pushing yourself even further than you already are

The Perfectionist – You spend a lot of time making sure that you are doing the very best work you can do. Very high expectations and standards for yourself. And others.

Type A – Ambitious. Rigidly organised. Impatient. Concerned with time management. A workaholic.

The Spiritually Curious – Questioning the purpose. Wondering if there’s more to life.

If that’s you, I think we’ll be a perfect match.

Why my clients choose me:


100% Confidentiality


Entrepreneur + business owner


10+ years experience


Bespoke programme tailored to you


Integrity is everything


My full support + attention

I’m the go to therapist + mindset coach for 6+ and 7 figure entrepreneurs and elite business leaders who know the more they take care of their mental and emotional health, the more success they will experience


Rachel Foy has been in the personal development space for over 12 years providing personalised and premium therapeutic coaching and mentoring to her international clients.

She is an unrivalled expert at upgrading the subconscious minds of her elite clientele.

She worked for several years in a therapy clinic in Dubai and frequently worked with elite clients from senior government officials and professional athletes to entrepreneurial start ups and presidents of multinational companies.

She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Timeline practitioner and executive life coach and undertakes yearly continued professional development to further her skills. 

She is a pioneer in the field of therapy and mindset for entrepreneurs and business leaders and her private clients range from CEOs of multinational companies to serial entrepreneurs with 6-7+ figure success under their belts.

Rachel herself is also a successful entrepreneur and business owner. She is the founder of two coaching and consulting companies. 

Soul Fed Woman® is a global platform and training academy helping women overcome binge eating and food obsession. She is also a podcast host and published her debut book ‘The Hungry Soul’ in 2019. 

The Wealthy Goddess is her latest venture which helps therapists, transformational experts and holistic health coaches create thriving online businesses by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind and simplified organic marketing strategies. 

She lives in Cheshire with her husband and their two children and can be found frequenting local cafes for coffee and cake.



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