High achieving entrepreneurs and business leaders understand the importance of investing in their mental and emotional health.

They also know the significance of constantly improving themselves.

Being an entrepreneur or business leader you’ve already achieved and accomplished so much.

Yet at times, things hold you back such as:

Anxiety or self doubt

Waking in the morning feeling anything but energised and refreshed or maybe you’re even struggling with insomnia

Feeling like an imposter despite everything you have to show for your success and expertise.

Replaying incidents from your past which you can’t seem to forget or let go

Perhaps it’s a phobia you’re too embarrassed to tell people about or which is affecting your life such as flying

Maybe your lifestyle includes a little too much alcohol and cigarettes and you know you need to take changes

Or maybe you experience overwhelming and sometimes paralysing nerves before a presentation or pitch and it’s got to stop

Whatever it may be, you want to find a solution to it. Now.

I’m Rachel Foy, psychotherapist & transformational mindset coach for 6+ and 7 figure entrepreneurs and elite business leaders.

Working with me helps you unlock resources and untapped potential in your mind.

This allows you to take your business, success, vision and impact to the next level, up your game and stay calm and grounded in the process.

I’m a certified clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and executive life coach with 12 years experience both in the UK and Dubai.

I’m here to help you with two things:

overcome the things which hold you back and which bother you.  

That could be business related like self doubt, procrastination or imposter syndrome or it could be more personal such as anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, a phobia or smoking too much.

And I’m also here to help you grow past your comfort zones and current capabilities. Mindset coaching is incredibly powerful in supporting you as your expand and move into your next area of growth and potential

If you are an elite business leader or in the entrepreneurial space and there is something which you’d love to no longer have to deal with or you want to change something about yourself but you’re not getting anywhere, let’s talk.

I’ll create a completely personalised package for you based on what you tell me you want and what I believe I can help you with.

I pride myself in helping my clients get results as quickly as possible and I would never suggest a longer package than you actually need. 


Packages are tailored to your needs and requirements and highly personalised in terms of session frequency and session length so please get in touch if this is something you’d like to discuss with me

Prices start at £1,200 for one month support and go up to £20,000 for full annual mindset & therapy support



Complete this short application form to give me an idea as to what help and support you are looking for.

If I feel I can, we’ll then look to arrange a call to discuss the next steps.

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