High achieving entrepreneurs and business leaders understand the importance of investing in their mental and emotional health.

They also know the significance of wanting to improve themselves and move beyond their own limitations.

Being an entrepreneur or business leader you’ve already achieved and accomplished so much.

Yet sometimes, things hold you back such as:

Anxiety or self doubt

Waking in the morning feeling anything but energised and refreshed or maybe you’re even struggling with insomnia

Feeling like an imposter despite everything you have to show for your success and expertise.

Replaying incidents from your past which you can’t seem to forget or let go

Perhaps it’s a phobia you’re too embarrassed to tell people about or which is affecting your life such as flying

Maybe your lifestyle includes a little too much alcohol and cigarettes and you know you need to make changes

Or maybe you experience overwhelming and sometimes paralysing nerves before a presentation or pitch and it’s got to stop

Whatever it may be, you want to find a solution to it. Now.

I’m Rachel Foy

Psychotherapist & transformational mindset coach

I’m truly obsessed with helping 6+ and 7+ figure entrepreneurs and elite business leaders become the best versions of themselves where they really are unstoppable.

I’m also the creator of the Transformational Mindset Method™️

Working with me helps you unlock resources and untapped potential in your mind.

This allows you to take your business, success, vision and impact to the next level, up your game and stay calm and grounded in the process.

I’m a certified clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and executive life coach with 12 years experience both in the UK and Dubai.

Introducing a powerful methodology…


A powerful method created by Rachel after working for 12 years in the field of mindset coaching and psychotherapy.

The secret is in the power of the subconscious mind. 

The Transformational Mindset Method™️ taps into your subconscious to identity and understand where certain thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours come from. Then it provides a really fast and effective neuroscience based therapy which resolves, heals and releases these limitations helping you to rapidly breakthrough your own upper limits.

Regardless of what your issues are, no matter how big or small they seem, the Transformational Mindset Method™️ often creates breakthroughs and results which other modalities simply can’t as we gain direct access to your subconscious and the root to any issue.


What percentage of your daily thoughts are the same

How many times more powerful the subconscious is to the conscious


What percentage of your conscious mind you use daily

I’m here to help you with two things:

1 Overcome the things which hold you back and which bother you.  

That could be business related or more personal from self doubt, procrastination or feeling lonely and unfulfilled to anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, a phobia or smoking too much.

2 Help you grow past your comfort zones and current capabilities.

Psychotherapy combined with mindset coaching is incredibly powerful in supporting you as you expand and move into your next area of growth and potential

By refocusing and retraining your subconscious mind, you can take a more proactive approach towards creating the life you’ve always wanted

Tony Robbins

American author, coach, speaker, and philanthropist

Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe

Oprah Winfrey

The one and only!

The process of change requires you becoming conscious of your unconscious self

Joe Dispenza

Neuroscientist, researcher and New York Times bestselling author

Your subconscious mind makes all your words and actions fit a pattern consistent with your self-concept and your inner most beliefs about yourself

Brian Tracy

Author of 'Eat That Frog'

My client Mark had suffered from claustrophobia for years making getting into lifts and small spaces a challenge. Within the very first session we identified where this phobia came from. Within 2 weeks he was happily getting in and out of lifts!

My client Amanda wanted help with excessive drinking and eating. We got to the bottom of why she was doing these things in the first place and helped her change her behaviour accordingly. She’s now completely alcohol free and no longer turns to food to cope with stress and overwhelm.

My client David had a pattern of self sabotage. It was something he had tried to overcome for many years. We got to the root of the issue, a deep seated belief around self worth. He no longer self sabotages.

My client Jenna wanted some help around anxiety which she had experienced for decades. It was GAD (a general anxiety disorder) which got worse at certain times but she couldn’t identity any triggers or patterns. During our time together not only did her anxiety reduce by more than 90% within a few weeks, she went on to report that she no longer suffered from the same intense feelings she had done previously.

Finally my client Sam wanted to work through some patterns of negative thinking which often led to procrastination. When life got busy and her business was growing, her response was frequently to want to step back and hide. Within 4 weeks she had broken the pattern and last time I heard, procrastination wasn’t something she experienced anymore!


If you are an elite business leader or in the entrepreneurial space and there is something which you’d love to no longer have to deal with or you want to change something about yourself but you’re not getting anywhere, let’s talk.

I’ll create a completely personalised package for you based on what you tell me you want and what I believe I can help you with.

I pride myself in helping my clients get results as quickly as possible and I would never suggest a longer package than you actually need. 

I’ll create a completely personalised package for you based on what you tell me you want and what results you desire.

You can expect to invest between £1,499 and £5,000 for one month of professional and personalised mindset coaching & psychotherapy that accelerates you towards your goals and vision.

Many of my clients quickly see and experience the value in working together so I also offer a special rate for those wishing to work together for more than 3 months (and a VIP option for 12 months)

(Corporate high performance and mindset consultancy also available for teams/directors. POA)

I’d love to have a conversation about how working together could be the rocket fuel which will take your business and life to the next level.


Book a Subconscious Mind Assessment with me to make sure this transformational experience is a mutual fit.

The risk-free consultation is £300.

The price of this first session with be applied to the total investment if both of us decide to move forward 

If you decide you don’t want to continue any further after this 60 minutes….you’ll get all your money back

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