Are you a mission driven health coach, therapist or wellness entrepreneur?
Are you feeling stuck, going around in circles trying to create your sustainable and successful business?
Do you self sabotage, procrastinate and doubt yourself more often than you care to mention?
Are you totally over the ‘6-figure’ thing as right now you’d be happy to have consistent months of any kind in your business?

How would you like to get unstuck, get more clients, make more money and finally create the freedom and business your soul desires?

I can help you do just that!
I’m Rachel Foy, Mindset Coach + Success Mentor. Nice to meet you gorgeous!
I help health coaches, wellness entrepreneurs, life coaches, healers and therapists who feel stuck in their business attract more clients and make more money doing their soul work by working on the mindset stuff that tends to hold them back!
I am not into promising you overnight success (and if anyone tells you to follow their 5 step blueprint to grow a 7 figure business in 2 weeks, run as fast as you can!)….however, having a sustainable business that you enjoy, which gives you freedom and flexibility to live the life you desire is completely possible when you have clarity, confidence and trust along with the right mindset for success.
So MINDSET and SUCCESS is my thing!
And you’ll see and hear me talking about it from a very different way than you’ve heard it before
I’ve developed my own unique framework to creating success for my clients which marries together powerful mindset coaching and subconscious soul healing with energy work and business success strategies.
Masculine AND Feminine
Conscious AND Subconscious
Doing AND Being
Manifesting AND Soul Aligned Hustle
All the things we need to create a successful and sustainable business doing our soul’s work.
You’ve likely only ever addressed a few of these areas and that’s why you still feel stuck and slightly overwhelmed despite the courses, programs, books, trainings, webinars and goodness knows what else you’ve done
I’m not into superficiality. Never have been.
My work is deep.
My passion is deep.
The space I hold is deep.
My commitment to my clients is deep.
That’s why I’m here to work with the change makers of the world whose work is here to affect the lives of others greatly and deeply.
The life coaches
The therapists
The healers
The health coaches 

How much more time do you want to lose listening to your mind monkeys whilst you could be quantum leaping your health coaching business?

I’m a certified clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and executive life coach with 12 years experience both in the UK and Dubai.  I blend my extensive clinical therapy and coaching experience with a background in corporate marketing, an honours degree in International Business Management and running my own successful international coaching business which will be multiple six figures within the next 18 months.

All that combined allows me to quickly help my clients remove any barriers to personal and professional success so they can attract more clients, more money and more freedom to their business and life!


4 steps to attracting more clients, making more money and quantum leaping your business success doing your soul's work!

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How Can I Help You?

To get more clients and to make more money isn’t about doing more or hustling harder, it’s about healing your stuff and doing the inner work as your business is an energetic extension of who you are after all. It’s about working on your mindset as much as your strategy!

And I’m not talking on-the-surface-fluffy-motivational-raa-raa-stuff, I mean deep, soul level healing + mindset work.

Whether you are struggling with self doubt, resistance, self sabotage, procrastination, limiting beliefs, inner critic, feeling overwhelmed and inadequate, let’s chat and see how I can help you overcome them all.

It’s good to have you here.

Rachel xox

PLEASE NOTE: this isn’t for anyone who is a weight loss coach or works within the diet sector of ‘health and wellness’. I am a weight neutral practitioner myself and strongly believe in the principles of HAES (Health At Every Size) and for that reason I am very clear about who I will work with. 

I am a campaigner for body equality and set up Soul Fed Woman to help women free themselves from food obsession, body hatred and dieting which is significantly caused by diet culture and the unrealistic expectations of what the female body should look like. You can read more about it here

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