Have you ever found yourself eating a whole packet of biscuits are not really enjoying what you’ve had?  Or maybe you’ve eaten a whole tub of ice cream and not even sure what flavour you’ve just inhaled? Or maybe you have ordered pizza and got all the way through your pizza deep pan pepperoni with extra cheese to realise you didn’t enjoy the pepperoni..??

More often than not when we eat emotionally we have no connection with the food whatsoever and that includes taste, texture and flavour.  When I was a total emotional eater I could inhale a whole box of breakfast cereal and not even be aware of how sweet they were, what the taste was or whether I even enjoyed it or not.  I just ate it for eating it sake.  I ate it as I wanted to.  I ate it as I needed to.  I ate it for many reasons but the taste played a very insignificant role in my food choice.


Have you ever found yourself doing that too?  It’s really common, more common than you might realise actually.  The problem is when we tune out from our emotions by eating in the first place we also tune out from the food which we are using to soothe ourselves in the process  (it’s hard to taste you food when you are wallowing in self pity, loneliness, despair or sadness of some kind)

I invite you to become curious and actually try and figure out what foods that your body truly enjoys to eat.  Not the food which you THINK you should like, or the food which you SHOULD be eating for whatever reason.  I mean the food which your body REALLY enjoys.  You may be really surprised at what you begin to see.


When we tune out from our emotions by eating in the first place we also tune out from the food which we are using to soothe ourselves in the process

So many of us, especially emotional eaters and binge eaters, have such an emotional connection and association to food that it is very difficult to separate that connection from the food in front of us.  And that’s why we can find ourselves eating an entire cake (as I used to do!) and not even be aware of whether we even enjoyed it.  There is usually very little satisfaction and pleasure obtained from eating in an emotional stat.  It’s more a coping strategy for something else.

I had a client recently realise that she didn’t enjoy drinking tea when she REALLY thought about it. She’d always drank it with a biscuit and when she realised she didn’t want or need the biscuit (as she was paying more attention), the tea became redundant!

So I’d like to ask you this question my lovely.  What are the types of foods that you always eat when you are feeling emotional?
Do you go for sweet foods for savoury foods?
What do you reach for when you are stressed or tired or angry or frustrated or lonely?
Do you really enjoy those foods that you reach for?
Do they bring immense pleasure & satisfaction?
Do they feed your body and nourish your soul?
Do they satisfy all your tastebuds in your mouth & the pleasure sensors in your brain?
Or do you eat them without even thinking about it?
Do you stuff it down without even tasting it?
Swallowing the food without even chewing it? 

The chances are if you are really honest with yourself you will more than likely do the latter.

So I invite you to become curious.  Over the course of today and this week spend some time really thinking about the food that you and your body enjoy.  And don’t be surprised if you start to notice the foods which you thought you did like you actually don’t and vice versa.  Over the years we are conditioned through diets and eating programs and regimes to not like certain things, to stay away from certain things & to deny ourselves certain things.  And over time that has a natural effect on our food choice,  our perceived desires and the things that we choose to eat.

The first thing to do is become aware of physical hunger and start to use that signal as your cue to feed your amazing and wonderful body.  When you eat when you are physically hungry pay attention to eating slowly and tasting the food in your mouth.  Do you enjoy it? Does it taste good?Does it satisfy you?  Is it enjoyable?

I’d love to hear your feedback, tell me what you noticed, what you discovered & what you found out.

Until next time,

much love,

Rachel xox

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