Now that is a good question isn’t it?? And I’m guessing that you have answers in your head already just from reading the title??

Weight for most women who struggle with it is something which they believe if they can get control over it (once and for all!) then things will get better for them.

They will feel confident, dress better, make more of an effort with themselves, be more social, maybe find the man of their dreams or improve the relationship they are in.  Don’t get me wrong, we all want and deserve to feel amazing ….. BUT……. what we are all chasing are the feelings which we think we will have when we finally have our dream bikini body and look like a Victoria Secrets model on the beach.  Happy, content, satisfied, proud.

Feelings are power, they are powerful.  So let me let you into a little secret which I discovered through my own own issues with food and weight and also after working with tonnes of women like YOU over the years…this isn’t about the weight, this is about the feelings you want to have.

For almost everyone, we truly believe that weight is the thing which prevents us from living the life we want, from having the job we deserve, from being in that loving and wonderful relationship with our soulmate but what if it actually had nothing to do with the weight and was more to do with how you were thinking and feeling??

Let me put it this way, when I work with my lovely ladies, I turn the dieting concept on it’s head. At the end of the day, DIET DO NOT WORK, so be open to trying a different approach. I get all my clients to start acting, behaving and believing that they are at their ideal/dream weight NOW….and in the background we work on thoughts and beliefs and any other issue which might appear.

Women that start to live their lives NOW rather than put things off waiting for their weight to change, start losing more weight and I have seen this time and time again to know that this is FACT.  Life comes first and the weight then follows

So write down your list of, ‘When I am THIN, I will…..’ and then start doing ONE of those things every week…

Women who stop waiting for their life to begin when they’re thin lose more weight

I challenge you……..!

Until next time lovely chicas,

Rachel xox

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