Hi soul driven high achieving entrepreneur

Are you a female entrepreneur who feels held back from even bigger success despite knowing what you need to do?
Are you hungry for more success, impact and freedom but feel you are getting in your own way?
Do you find yourself self sabotaging, procrastinating and doubting yourself more often than you care to mention?


When you hit your money goal or other target you are left feeling incomplete and dissatisfied

You have attached so much of your self worth to the figure in the bank or whatever number you are using to measure yourself with

You know what you should be doing to move your business forward but often self sabotage or procrastinate

You operate frequently from your masculine by pushing, hustling and driving yourself and your business forwards only to end up burnt out, exhausted and ill with niggling health issues popping up more frequently

No matter what you do, you always think there is more you should have done or more you could be doing as you’re a perfectionist at heart

Here’s what I want you to know

To access your full potential it takes more than journalling, meditation and looking at your vision board everyday….

…..you’ve got to be looking at both your conscious and subconscious mind and working on them both simultaneously

This is where I come in.

I help you do just that through Mindset Transformation Coaching + Soul Alignment Therapy

After having worked in the world of personal development as a therapist and coach for 10+ years, I’ve created my own powerful mindset coaching technique which combines therapy, clinical hypnosis, NLP, energy work and soul work which produces the most incredible mindset shifts and transformations you won’t find anywhere else.

Hypnotherapy + NLP + Energy Work + CBT + Therapy + Soul Work

= Mindset Transformation Coaching + Soul Alignment Therapy

I know you’ve invested in business programs and coaches already but there is something which I need to get off my chest.

People step into this entrepreneurial journey thinking all they need to do is follow the steps, tick the boxes and copy the gurus, but guess what?!

Growing and scaling your business to the next level isn’t solely about the right strategy, blue print or marketing campaign (you know all those things anyway, right?)…..


When you know you are here to create a legacy and impact the lives of millions….YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO STOP WORKING ON YOURSELF……as your business is an energetic extension of you after all

And I’m not talking on-the-surface-fluffy-motivational-raa-raa-stuff.

I mean deep, soul level healing + mindset work.

Far deeper than affirmations, mantras, positive thinking and journalling allow you to go

> I know far too many women who hit money goals and still feel incomplete so they strive for the next one hoping it will give them a sense of achievement and self acceptance. Except it doesn’t.

> I know far too many women who aren’t hitting their goals and targets as their beliefs systems aren’t supporting their desires (oh hello self sabotage, inner critic, self doubt and procrastination) and their self worth is attached to the number in their bank account.

> I know far too many women who are operating the entire time in their masculine and pushing, hustling and driving themselves and their business forwards only to end up burnt out, exhausted and ill.

> I know far too women who are holding themselves back in going bigger with their work and business through fear. Fear of it not working. Fear of it working. Fear of what people will think. Fear of getting it wrong. The whole time they are pressing pause on their growth and protecting themselves from getting hurt. 

> Finally I know far too many women who never quite feel enough despite everything they are doing, everything they have achieved and everything they have overcome. They are strivers, do-ers, perfectionists. Deep down they have a lack of self love and no external success will ever make that go away.

It’s only when ALL OF THIS is addressed by removing the blocks, changing the beliefs, re-writing the stories and healing the hurts of the past which are holding you back from your fullest potential will you ever create the impact, income and influence you desire and with far more ease and grace than you have experienced up until now.

What do I know?!

Well I’m Rachel Foy, The Mindset Alchemist for soul driven female entrepreneurs and rising leaders 

I’m a big dreamer.

A visionary myself.

I believe in magic and that we get to choose the life we wish to create for ourselves.

My spirit team are my board of directors. I run everything past them!

(seriously…we have a board meeting every morning before I start work)

and you and I have so much in common!

I’ve been on this crazy entrepreneurial journey myself for the last 10 years. Along the way I’ve learnt a thing or two about business (the good, bad + ugly) and also realised the key for true success is not trying harder, it’s embracing who we are on a soul level and changing those stories, beliefs and inner demons which hold us back from fully stepping into our fullest power and potential as women whose work is here to impact the world!

When we get out of our own way by healing our stuff, shifting our mindset and vibration, we are able to create whatever we desire as it becomes fully available to us.

Mindset Transformation Coaching through Soul Alignment is the process of healing your inner demons and releasing your past stories, hurts and limiting beliefs to bring you back to your true state of being.

In full alignment with your power and potential whilst getting super clear on aligning your business with who you are.

It hasn’t always been that way though…..

Not too long ago, I realised that I was very close to burning out. Working as much as I could. Doing all the things. Following all the rules. Creating all the content. Setting up all the funnels.

My business was growing organically albeit slower than I desired and I knew my work and mission were far greater than me. Yet despite ticking off ‘all the things’, something felt ‘off’ and disconnected. I was feeling overwhelmed and had a real fear that growing my business would mean even more work (hello 14 hour days!). I found myself sabotaging my progress every time I gained momentum. 

So I spent a small fortune in mentors, coaches, experts and programs believing that the problem was in my sales copy, my website, my marketing, my lead generation and my systems.

Except I discovered it wasn’t any of those things. I already knew how to do the business stuff!

What I realised was I had forgotten to focus on the most important part of my business. ME!

I’d neglected my inner world, become unaligned with my own soul desires and had been operating in ‘doing’ mode for too long. I felt so stupid for not realising that (especially with my background!) but better to realise it sooner than later, right?!

So I stopped all the ‘business focused stuff’ and instead invested in soul work, energy + healing work and mindset work, stripping away the layers of self doubt, feeling inadequate and not good enough. Finally finding peace with things from my past I thought I had dealt with. Truly deepening my connection to my real and authentic self.

And that’s when everything changed…..I’ll tell you how in a second.

It’s not strategy you need.

It’s healing your inner demons once and for all + fully aligning your business with who you are.

Overworked, underpaid, overlooked and undervalued, after having a baby, I was near breaking point and somehow drawn to contacting Rachel for help. I was in the worst place mentally, physically and emotionally, and after a quick intro call, I knew that I could trust Rachel to bring me back to life. I committed to myself and we have been working together now for nearly 3 years.

In that time, Rachel has helped me to break free from a life time of self doubt, self sabotage and negative self talk. We quickly got to grips with what was needed and through her calm, intuitive and insightful manner, I’ve reached a level that I never even thought possible, and still each session improvements happen and goals are smashed. I’ve overcome disordered eating and am now a qualified health coach, gone from being injured and broken to competing in triathlons, quit my job and opened my own business (with others in the pipeline), from chaos to clarity and none of it would be possible without Rachel’s guidance and support.

Thank you Rachel, I hate to think where I would have ended up, if our paths hadn’t crossed.

Dani Hakim

Health Coach + Founder of Magic Of Being

My sessions with Rachel were transformational!
We uncovered some deep seated beliefs that were controlling so many aspects of my life. Bringing awareness to these issues has allowed me to really question myself when they show themselves and make different decisions in my life.
I know this work has changed me on a cellular level.
Nicola Salmon

Fat Positive Fertility Coach - www.nicolasalmon.co.uk

I’m the go to expert for soul driven female entrepreneurs who are hungry for more success and who know they are holding themselves back

I’ve worked in the world of personal development as a therapist and coach for 10+ years both in the UK and Dubai. During that time I’ve helped hundreds of clients overcome blocks, issues and problems which had been holding them back from personal and professional success.

I’m a Clinical + Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, EFT practitioner, UK qualified Homeopath + Soul Work teacher. I’ve trained with some of the best teachers + mentors in the world and continue to develop my skills in personal development + coaching, recently exploring deeper Shamanic teachings, breath work, the Divine Feminine + sacred archetypes as well as Matrix Re-imprinting + Inner Re-patterning. 

My coaching is tailored to you. I don’t follow a blueprint, step by step guide or system as every single client I have is different and unique. The one thing I can tell you though, is our time together will be transformational. I pride myself at being the catalyst for many of my clients being able to transform their mindset, beliefs and stories by deeply connecting to their inner wisdom resulting in more impact, income and influence doing the work they know they are here to do. Frequently in a short space of time. Often change beyond recognition.

I fuse together science + spirit calling on the principles from energy work, NLP, EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, positive psychology and energy medicine sprinkled with elements from the Law of Attraction and meditation which creates my very own style of mindset coaching.

I’m also here as your business mentor, sharing with you the practical soul aligned way of growing your business and making sure that everything is aligned with who you are, from your business model to your dream soul client, your packages and prices and how you create content and sell! I’ve got you covered!

I won’t be turning you into someone you aren’t and I won’t be making you do anything you don’t wish to do. My main focus is to see where you are, what’s holding you back from having the success your soul desires and then help you move past that so you can start experiencing even more of the things which were the reason you started your business in the first place!

More freedom. More fun. More enjoyment.  

After working with countless number of women and growing my own business, there is no strategy, blueprint, step-by-step system or business coach which will bring you more aligned success than being able to fully hear, listen and trust what lies within YOU.

That starts by fully healing your deepest inner demons and changing your energy, vibration + mindset through soul alignment. 


You go from being in the worst place mentally, physically and emotionally to training as a health coach, quitting your corporate job and setting up your own business whilst looking after 2 small children…

…..just like my client Dani

You go from being totally and completely exhausted, deeply unhappy and disillusioned with life to unearthing your real self to find the confidence to make a step change in your already successful business to follow your true passion taking you to the USA to train as a coach.

…..just like my client Susy

You go from feeling stuck to finding enjoyment in your life and business again

…..just like my client Patricia


I gained clarity, confidence and belief in myself and my soul’s purpose like never before.

My podcast started getting thousands of downloads.

Ideal soul clients started reaching out for 1:1 work paying my increased fees in full

Opportunities to speak at workshops and events started appearing in my inbox

Record revenue months in my business happened with me working less than I had done previously



I healed my stuff and I shifted my energy, vibration + mindset through soul alignment.

Do you want to do the same?



This 4 month private mentoring program is for the soul driven female entrepreneur who is hungry for more and wants support to get out of her own way so she can create the impact, income and influence her soul desires.

It is a complete MIND – BODY – SOUL – SPIRIT experience as everything I do is always from a holistic view point.

You are your business and your business is YOU

In return I request your full energy and commitment, not just to me and the process, but to yourself.

My unique Mindset Transformation + Soul Alignment Coaching helps you to:

  • Get rid of self doubt
  • Get rid of not feeling good enough
  • Get rid of your inner critic derailing you at every turn
  • Get rid of procrastination
  • Get rid of limiting beliefs which hold you back from creating a bigger impact with your work
  • Get rid of self sabotage which stops you moving forward faster than you can
  • Become SUPER ALIGNED with your business, your message and your audience  

There are 2 aspects to my mentoring which, when combined, are really powerful.

We work both on the conscious and subconscious mind

PLUS the practical business steps of becoming fully aligned with what you are here to do


We’ll be shifting and healing your mindset through the 3 gateways – PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE – allowing you to identify and release any patterns, stories, blocks + beliefs which no longer serve you.

We explore the energetics of your body as your current state of health, wellbeing and energy are massive clues as to where things may be being held onto which no longer serve you and then using mind reprogramming tools, intuition rituals and embodiment practices to move you forward by taking soul-led aligned action

This is where we look into your past, not in a scary or overwhelming way, but in a compassionate and understanding way so we can identify any experiences, stories, hurts or traumas which may still be affecting you today. The events which created beliefs around who you are, what you are capable of and what is available to you.

Sometimes we also explore past lives, karmic and ancestral stories which can also very much keep us stuck in pattens especially of self sabotage and fear of shining our light by unresolved sister wounds and witch wounds.

This is where we look into what you are truly hungry for. What are your deepest and truest soul desires? Without fully knowing what they are, you have no attraction point to manifest things in your lives, resulting in lack of direction and disconnect. I’m going to help you strip back everything you think success is and really own what success means to you. From that point you have a soul aligned focus in which massive action will move you towards.

This is where we also take into account your current health and wellbeing as your body is a vessel of incredible wisdom and is talking all the time. Our job is to listen and help bring her back into balance with love, support and compassion*

This is where we look into the future from a manifesting and quantum leaping point of view. Everything is energy and we can choose to become the woman we desire to be now or we don’t. I’m going to help you explore what subconscious fears are holding you back from quantum leaping.

*where necessary health and wellbeing supplements and remedies are prescribed or suggested.  I am a qualified homeopath, nutritional therapist and flower/crystal essence practitioner


Frequently women will come to me thinking they need mindset help when in reality it can sometimes be that they are no longer in alignment with the business.

As well as shifting, changing and supporting your mindset, we’ll also take a look at these areas of your business which I have found contribute significantly to self doubt, overwhelm, procrastination and feeling like a fraud.

Here’s what you get


Initial Mindset Transformation Assessment

1 x 50 minute Mindset Transformation assessment over Skype/Zoom to get clear on what is holding you back from your full power and potential


Mindset Transformation Sessions

12 x 45 minute Mindset Transformation + Soul Alignment Sessions over Skype/Zoom to help you remove whatever is holding you back from your full potential and next level success

2 x Personalised Mindset MP3

2 x personalised MP3 to help rewire your subconscious programming with instructions on how to use it 


Resource Bank

I’ll give you and create for you any additional resources I feel are appropriate to your growth in overcoming any obstacles to more success

Unlimited VOXER or Messenger

Unlimited VOXER or Messenger for check ins, pep talks, mindset chats and in the moment support

Full Support

My full support and commitment to you during the 4 months

Working with Rachel has been a godsend for me. Her wisdom, experience and practical tools have helped open me up to choices, opportunities and enjoyment in my life + business again.  Talk about finally getting real about your life and keeping it there. Thank you, Rachel!

Patricia Dechant

Coach at www.patriciadechant.com

I have worked with Rachel for 3 years now and when I look back, I realise how far I have come, the transformation I have made and how much Rachel has helped me to achieve. She utilises her laser sharp focus, her intuition, her skill and expertise to ask questions that support and challenge but most importantly to move me forward.

Everyone needs a Rachel in their life!

Sian Perham

Leadership Specialist, founder of Aligned Leadership

I was a bit sceptical about using hypnotherapy but I knew I needed something extra to move me forward in my business and life.

Rachel was so gentle and caring, she coaxed out incidents that I had buried so well that I have never connected them to the fears and negative beliefs that were holding me back!

This work really is transformational. Thank you

Sarah McKenna

Handmade pottery and ceramics


You are being called to take a deeper dive into releases blocks, beliefs and stories which aren’t serving you.

You are spiritually curious and hungry to deepen your spiritual practices.

You have a knowing that you are being called to up level in your business and in your life

You are ready to learn or strengthen soul awakening tools which will support you in aligning with your work and purpose.

You’re consistently generating money in your business but you desire more

You are open to be challenged and called out on your own BS

You are ready to let go of all fear and resistance which has been keeping you stuck

You adore personal development and regularly invest in yourself and your business

You know you are here for a reason and meant for more – more impact, more influence, more income, more fun, more freedom

You want to fully shine your light but feel held back


You just want to be told what to do by being given a blueprint or system

You think Law of Attraction, manifesting and anything remotely woo woo is crazy

You are a closed skeptic and not open to exploring new things

You won’t take responsibility for your actions

You aren’t open to exploring your stuff and would rather keep it all in

You don’t believe in investing in yourself

You don’t like to be coached or called out on your BS


I worked with Rachel to help achieve some crystal clear focus and get my ass in gear to take action. Rachel is a master in straight talking, sprinkled with tough-love! She helps you cut right through the noise and get to the heart of what’s going on, enabling you to face it head-on and move forward at pace. She has a great tool kit at her disposal in her coaching practice, calling on different aspects when it’s of relevance and benefit to you. Rachel is client led, always guiding you back to your purpose and goals, and helping to keep you on the right track.

Deborah Bulcock

Coach + Consultant - www.deborahbulcock.com

When I started working with Rachel I was 9 years into running my own consulting business, a mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend – living the dream and having it all…..
Except underneath the veneer I was totally and completely exhausted, deeply unhappy and disillusioned with life struggling to imagine that this it – ultimately I was completely lost.  
The trigger to contact Rachel was my 30 year long difficult relationship with food –  and I am truly delighted that this has completely changed.  No longer obsessing, dieting, restricting, overeating, just eating what I choose that nourishes my body and mind (which can often mean a lovely slice of carrot cake!)
I would have been ecstatic with this result but Rachel has enabled me to learn so much more than this.  To unearth and redefine the true me (the one that loves a good dance late at night, that loves some woo woo moon rituals, who sobs with joy when riding a horse, and has the confidence to make a step change with my already successful business to follow my passion) – and own it!
With just the right balance of care, accountability, and encouragement while understanding the pressures of the executive level workplace Rachel’s coaching has been deeply impactful and most importantly helped me to get the results I desired and some I didn’t even consider!  
Susy Davis

Coach - www.timeforchangecoaching.com

Your investment for 4 months of Mindset Transformation Coaching and support is 

£3900 / (approx $5000) 

or 4 x £1099

Due to the nature of this program, this is by application only. Please fill out the form below and we can arrange to speak.

Ready to start?

Book a no obligation call so we can decide whether you and I would be a good fit together and whether Mindset Transformation Coaching is right for you


What happens after I apply?

I’ll check your application and if I feel that I can truly help you and that you are an ideal soul client for me, I will email you within 2 working days to arrange a 20 minute call over Skype or Zoom. Once we speak we can decide on how you wish to proceed and should you want to join the mentoring program, I will walk you through the next few steps regarding payment and appointments.

I'm new to business or not making much money. Is this for me?

Honestly, no. This is ideally for someone who has already been in business for at least 6 months or more and who is already bringing money into her business. The reason is that these clients already have a solid foundation in what is working and what isn’t, they know their offerings and message which is something we won’t be focusing on within our time together.

Although I frequently bring in soul aligned business strategy, this isn’t a business course and I’m not a business coach, so if you need help with your offerings and messaging to get the money coming in, this isn’t for you.

What's the difference between private mentoring and your Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is my group program which only opens a few times per year and although I am in that with you, we don’t focus specially on your stuff as we do it as a group.

Mentoring is personalised and you receive my full support and commitment to you during our time together. If you want personalised help with transformational results, private mentoring is always the best option.

How do I know you are the ideal mentor for me?

My clients tell me that they already had a good feeling about me before they signed up to work together. What you see is what you get! If you like what you’ve seen and heard from me already then I could be the ideal mentor for you. In terms of my credentials and experience, that bit is totally covered!

If you are new to my world then feel free to immerse yourself in my free trainings, videos and podcast to get a feel for what I’m about and whether working together may be something we do in the future 

What kind of business should I have to apply to work with you?

This is ideal for helping spiritually hungry, growth orientated visionary entrepreneurs who have a mission led business and who are wanting to create a movement with their soul’s work. 

You are more likely a coach (health, relationship, business, intuitive, spiritual)


I know that you are already successful at what you are doing but you also know you haven’t fully stepped into your fullest power and potential, right? If you feel like you are holding yourself back whether it be sabotage, procrastination, lack of clarity, pushing and then stopping, not looking after yourself or a whole host of other things, let’s talk.

Amongst many things, truth and integrity are so important to me and for that reason I only ever work with women who I know I can help. 

We both know that you are a do-er and action taker, so if this is calling you to at least explore, apply below. No pressure, no obligation and no need to hand over your credit card there and then (unless you want to!)

I’d love to explore whether Mindset Transformation Coaching is what you would benefit from the most right now


Ready to start?

Book a no obligation call so we can decide whether you and I would be a good fit together and whether Mindset Transformation Coaching  is right for you

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