It’s that time of the year again isn’t it.  The shops are decked in trees, lights and tinsel.  The children are constantly talking about Father Christmas and what he’s going to bring them (well at least mine are)…..

…….and you are already dreading the amount of food which will be available over the coming festivities. I hated this time of year when I was struggling with my food issues and body image hangups.  I knew that it was time of celebration and spending time with my loved ones, but I also knew it was a time when I had no self control, I could never say ‘no’ to anything offered to me (even though I hate Christmas pudding I always ate it, it’s what we do, isn’t it…?) and I would always come to a crashing halt at the end of Christmas by starting the inevitable diet on January 1st.  No.  Matter. What.

You too perhaps.

I just wanted to give you a really honest look at this crazy behaviour which far too many of us experience.

How you think NOW – Christmas is such an extraordinary time, I can’t control myself

So this is what you do.  You eat and graze all day, everyday.  You buy food you don’t normally.  You say yes to everything on offer.  You end the holiday period feeling sick, bloated, guilty and believing you need to detox and diet.

How you NEED to think – Christmas is just another day

Ok now I’m all too aware that Christmas has a huge religious meaning (I’m not denying that) but what I mean is why do WE place so much emotion and craziness on this period in time.  Christmas is not unlike any other time.  We see our family, we see our friends, we are invited over for food and nibbles.


The problem is OUR PERCEPTION.
The emotional connection and ‘free-for-all-attitude’ we attach to these holidays.


Here’s the thing, and I want to be brutally honest with you here.  If you find yourself going mad crazy over Christmas delights and the festive treats and the food your mum makes, could it be because normally you never allow yourself to eat such stuff?

How often do you have a box of chocolates in your home and give yourself permission to eat them whenever you like?  When’s the last time you had various cheeses and crackers in your kitchen to eat when you fancied them?
When did you have cookies, biscuits & savoury snacks in the cupboards for whenever you were hungry for them?

I can already answer that for you.  YOU DON’T!!!! That’s the problem.


We only obsess about food we aren’t allowed to eat.


We only overeat on food which we believe we shouldn’t be eating (and as a consequence our body wants more!)  We only binge and gorge ourselves on foods which we only have permission to eat once a year! (Christmas dinner with all the trimmings followed by christmas pudding and cream topped off with cheese and biscuits……ring any bells??)

Now I’m not saying cook a Christmas dinner every week, hell no, but what I am saying is loosen the reigns a bit honey.  Many of our Christmas indulgences we could actually allow ourselves to eat whenever we choose.  Not just on that one day. Christmas is just another day

I’ve created a 7 day challenge starting 1st December to help you loosen the reigns, stop your crazy around Christmas food and feel more body confident.  You want to join me??  CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE

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