Have you ever REALLY wanted to change something and found it more difficult than you thought it would be?

I speak to women on a daily basis who are frustrated with their ‘inability’ to stick to the things they want to change, blaming lack of willpower or discipline as being the problem.

The truth is, that change is often challenging.

It’s not the straight road which we assume it to be.

It has wobbly bits and wonky bits and sometimes it even goes slightly backwards.



Yet that is the process.  It’s the process of change and arguably the process of this amazing life we lead.

What I also know to be true, is change is 100% easier when you have the right support.

Whether that be…….

The right system

The right teacher/mentor/coach

The right friends

or all of the above.

Whenever anyone starts embarking on ditching the diets and working on improving their self esteem and body image as well as love and acceptance of themselves, there will be bumps in the road.

•They will find themselves having a binge completely out of the blue

•They will find themselves stressing and feeling upset that their bodies may have gained a little weight (albeit short term as most bodies find their natural set point of balance eventually)

•They will find themselves listening to that diet voice every once in a while

•They will have moments of feeling overwhelmed and confused

•They will feel guilty for eating cake on more than one occasion!

But that’s OK….that’s what change is all about.




yet most importantly accepting of what is…..

I wish I could tell you that healing your relationship with food and your body is easy and a straight line journey, but the truth is that the journey may not turn out exactly how you plan (although the destination may be reached)

We all need help to change our lives and there is no shame in that fact

I have a network of female friends who I reach out to for support and that’s how I’ve got through having 2 small children(!), grown my business and kept my mind & body healthy over the years.

Love Yourself This Summer is an actionable 6 week program which is starting on May 11th

Throughout the 6 weeks together, I will be helping and supporting you along YOUR path of change towards feeling confident this summer without the need to start a ‘bikini diet’ in the coming weeks

•Weekly live training calls

•Recordings within 24 hours if you cannot make it live

•Bonus #1: 77 Self Care Ideas For Feeling Happy, Healthy & Hot this Summer!

•Bonus #2: Love Your Body Meditation

•Bonus #3: MASTERCLASS: An industry expert in image consultancy shows you how to choose the perfect swimwear for summer

You can join me from only £49 and there are also some options to add some 1:1 coaching sessions too

If you finally want to make some changes which will impact your happiest, your health (physical and emotional) and how much you’ll enjoy summer this year, we start on Wednesday 11th May for 6 weeks.

You can join Love Your Body This Summer here >> http://www.rachelfoy.com/love-your-body-this-summer/ and if you have any questions message me on facebook and I’ll come back to you


You can have a life where food is no longer in control.

I can’t wait to show you how.

Love Rachel xox

PS Check out this video I did yesterday on my facebook page all about self sabotage (one of the MAIN things which impact change)


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