Over the years you could say that I have picked up a thing or two as to what people are constantly trying in order to get their weight down.  What I have noticed is that there is ONE really big noticeable mistake which almost all of my clients make and maybe YOU are doing this too!

They are reducing the amount of PLEASURE they have in their life by dieting!

Marc David, author of ‘The Slow Down Diet’ talks about pleasure as:

“Pleasure is a powerful metabolizer that increases oxygenation and blood flow and decreases the production of cortisol and insulin, ultimately helping to burn fat and build muscle.”

Let me ask you this…when you diet do you ENJOY yourselves?? Do you get PLEASURE from eating low fat, low carb, diet food?? Do you LOVE saying no to desert and chocolate and cookies when everyone around you is eating them when they choose??

I suspect I already know your answer 😉

Listen, this is something which is NEVER talked about in diet books, diet clubs, with girl friends over coffee or colleagues at lunch, PLEASURE is so important when wanting to lose weight that you cannot afford to ignore it anymore.

You see, most women, when they set their minds to lose their weight and I am working with them, I get them to start thinking differently.  I get them to start injecting pleasure in their lives at every opportunity and over time, this one act of self care actually helps the weight come down.

I challenge you too! Write a list of things which you get pleasure and enjoyment from, no excuses. Then, I want you to start stepping out of your daily routine and start seeing how many of those things you could start doing NOW. You like to dance then start dancing around the house whilst doing the house work! You like how you feel when you get dressed up for somewhere ‘posh!’ then start putting your makeup on to take the kids to school!  I think you get the idea.

Post your comments below and tell me what things YOU get pleasure from and what you can start doing about it.

Until next time lovely lady,
Rachel xox

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