Bikini Diets. They are so alluring.

Every bikini diet promises so much– weight loss, control, confidence, happiness, and finally fitting into that little skimpy bikini you’ve always dreamed of wearing. It’s no secret that most diets don’t work, but we seem to just bounce from one to the other, espeicllay at the time of the year, always hoping to find that perfect way of eating (no such thing, check out this other blog post I wrote)

This time of year is notoriously THE BIGGEST money generator for the diet, weight loss and arguable the fitness industry, as hundreds of thousands of women around the world, buy into the quick fixes, cleanses, detoxes and fad diets in the hope of having a flatter tummy, smaller thighs and less weight for their summer holiday.

I did them all at one point or another.



But a few summers ago, I found a bikini diet which really worked and I’ve never looked back. 

As the summer is almost upon us, I wanted to share with you the best bikini diet you will ever need if you truly want to feel confident in your skin, happy in yourself and have the most enjoyable summer holiday ever.

There are 6 steps, which I’ll break down for you now.  Simply follow each step first thing in the morning as soon as you get up, ideally with your cup of tea and carry on this diet for as long as you require until your desired results are achieved.


The first stage of the best bikini diet ever, is a tricky one: No diets

Diets do not work, fad eating plans do not work and detoxes do not work (if your body wasn’t cable of detoxing herself on a daily basis, you would be dead and the species known as human beings would have died out a long time ago!).  Anything which is attached to statements such as these:

The Best Ways To Lose Weight This Week

Get a bikini body in 3 weeks

Lose up to 10lbs in only 2 weeks

Run.  Away.  Fast.

(unless you want to increase your chances of binging, food cravings, lower your self esteem, slow your metabolism down and increase the chance of gaining more weight on your holiday and afterwards, then do them!)


Use the money you were planning on spending on a diet, detox, cellulite treatment and splash out on a pamper day, spa day or something extra delightful and luxurious for your holiday.  Shoes, there are always shoes!!!  You can never have too many shoes!!!


Learn to be happy for who you are! Self acceptance and self love are so important on this bikini diet.

Your body has been there for you every single minute of every single day since the day you were born! She has carried on despite your judgemental comments and she has stayed with you despite your criticisms. Cut her some slack! She’s doing an amazing job at allowing you to fully experience this wonderful thing called life!


Losing weight really won’t make you happy or make you enjoy your summer any more ( I know you might find that hard to believe, but it’s really true).  Losing weight is not the key to the ‘happy life’ door. Instead it’s about loving your body, accepting your body and stopping the judgement and criticism.

To feel confident in your body and happy in your life, it’s not about focusing on the food and dieting, it’s about focusing on living your life to the full………. something which diets are very good at taking away from you.


Start making choices which empower you and make you feel good!

  • Choose to enjoying your time on the beach with your family and friends
  • Choose to eat ice-cream sat in the sun, just because you can
  • Choose to laugh, giggle and be like a child again as you splash in the water and frolic in the waves
  • Choose to embrace your body for what she is, a vessel which allows you this incredible expereince called life, she’s where you live.
  • Choose to nourish your body and feed your soul with delicious foods, in delightful places whilst soaking up every moment of the atmosphere
  • Choose to live your life now rather than waiting for your weight to come down
  • Choose to create amazing and irreplaceable memories this summer when you can look back when you are 90 and reminisce at what a wonderful time you had


The final step on this amazing bikini diet, is the ultimate way of getting that bikini body.

Get your body…and put her in a bikini!

There you have one bikini body!

Job done 😉

So what do you say??

Fancy trying this bikini diet this year?

Share this post if you do and let’s see how many women we can get on the new Bikini Diet of not dieting!

I’m doing a free online workshop tomorrow, Wednesday 4th May at 8pm (UK time) called ‘How To Manifest Your Dream Summer Body’

All you need to do to watch is hop over to: or over on my facebook page where I will also be streaming live, VIEW HERE


You can have a life where food is no longer in control.

I can’t wait to show you how.

Love Rachel xox

PS Check out this video I did this afternoon on my facebook page all about the workshop and why manifesting your dream summer body is completely possible, when you approach it from a different view point

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