What holds you back from being you and living life to the full?

I asked my community this question and the answers just kept coming:



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Here were just SOME of the responses…..

• My obsession with food and my weight puts most things on hold
• Conforming to what is expected of me, putting others first and people pleasing
• Worrying what other people think. Not everyone, bet certain people who are judgemental. But I see that also as my internal perfectionism.
• I waste so much of my day thinking about my weight. I weigh myself every morning and the number dictates my day. I often wonder what would I think about if I didn’t constantly think about my weight.
• Worrying what people think. The fear of not being liked.
• Everything in my life is waiting until I have lost weight
• The way I eat dictates my life..
• I have spent so long trying to fit in with what I thought was normal that I have forgotten how to be me. As a child I was bullied for being different so as a teenager I tried to be more like the people around me, so I guess for me fear of what other people think of me is my greatest obstacle.
• Having to conform to another person’s idea of who I should be and most definitely my weight stops me from socializing as I feel fat and ugly.
• I worry about what people think, about failure, not being normal and not being able to achieve my goals
One after another. 

Women saying how stuck they felt. 

Women saying they didn’t feel good enough.

Women calling themselves fat and ugly.

Women saying how little respect they have for who they are. 

Women saying they have no life until there lose weight.

I’ll honest with you.
Reading these answers broke my heart. I sat and cried at my computer as I read through each one.
I cried for all of them.
For all the opportunities they are missing.
For all the fun they could be having
For all the experiences they could be experiencing

I have no idea how many tears I have shed over the years when it comes to food, eating and my body

I’ve lost count of how many times I would find myself sat on the floor of my kitchen in floods of tears.

Tears of desperation
Tears of panic
Tears of overwhelm.

But mostly tears of sadness.

Sadness that I never felt ‘normal’
Sadness that I never felt like anyone would ever understand my struggles
Sadness that my life was not what I wanted

I still shed tears even now, except they aren’t for me anymore.

They are for the incredible women who are still in that place of struggle which I left behind some years ago.

The amazing mums who are too ashamed to eat in front of their children
The beautiful daughters who never feel good enough
The wonderful sisters and aunties and nieces who beat themselves up because they aren’t slim enough

I know when food struggles are something you have always had, it seems unimaginable to ever be free from them.

Yet it is possible.

For all of us.

You included.

One day at a time.

Consciously focusing on eating and your body but no longer in a judgemental and critical way rather in a compassionate and gentle way

Beating yourself up anymore than you have done already has got to STOP!

You have a life to live
You have memories to create
You have people to love who love you back irrelevant of what you have eaten and what you weigh this morning!

I won’t stop with THIS MESSAGE until there are enough women around the world who can start a permanent social movement.

One where weight isn’t discussed anymore
One where body size is no longer something we compare as a measurement of our worthiness to be on this planet
One where diets and quick fixes are a thing of the past

I realise I am fighting against society in many ways.

Yet it will take more than that to stop me spreading this message.

One of hope
One of happiness

love Rachel xx

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