Hi my gorgeous,

5 weeks and counting….!!!! My little ones have been on their summer break for 4 weeks and still have 5 weeks to go, oh my goodness.

Do you know what, being a mum is really challenging (and I’m sure that those of you who are mums know that already) but trying to juggle kids, baking temperatures outdoors (summer in Dubai is one heck of an experience) AND growing my business has been rather stressful.

I’m telling you this as yesterday, I found myself completely OVEREATING and STUFFING myself with toast – lashings of butter and jam and just going and going and going.  The kids were in the background fighting with each other, the TV was on with some annoying cartoon blaring out and there I was in the kitchen stuffing toast down my throat…..

A lot of people assume that because I do what I do, I must never emotionally eat.  I must ALWAYS eat PERFECTLY and I must ALWAYS meditate or breath or use EFT instead of walking into the kitchen.  Wrong…..

The thing is I’m human too

I get stressed & overwhelmed (especially after a day like yesterday)

And YES I do sometimes turn to food (can we ever TRULY be free from emotional eating?? Is that even possible??)

The difference is though, I don’t beat myself up about it like I used to.  I don’t threaten myself that I’ll start a diet tomorrow or next week.  I don’t EVER feel guilty.  I still love myself unconditionally despite the fact that I’ve eaten too much toast with butter & jam.

Years ago it was a TOTALLY different story and one of self destruction, judgement, criticism and hate.

I DO emotionally eat sometimes BUT I DON’T beat myself up about it.

The bizarre thing is that since I stopped beating myself up about it, I very rarely do it (and my weight reflects that)

What about you? Next time you turn to food for comfort, how can you cut yourself some slack? How can you drop the need to be perfect?

Until next time,

Much love

Rachel xox

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