After having been an emotional eater for years, a diet junkie for longer and someone who hated her body for far too long, along my journey of self discovery, I realised that the more attention I took to making myself feel loved, gorgeous and alive, the happier my life became and the slimmer my body became as a result.

Who would have thought it?? The more I started to live my life and take my focus on weight and eating, the more fun I had and my body started to let extra weight go.

It was a bit of a revelation I have to say.  Completely against what I had always thought (as we are supposed to diet to become slimmer and once we are slimmer our lives suddenly become 10 times better…! Right?!?)

So here’s a crazy idea my lovely?  What if you could start living your life NOW and not when you are 7-10kg lighter?  What if you could do all the things which you are waiting to be 2 dress sizes smaller to do NOW?

What if you could stop waiting on the weight?

So, let me introduce to you the 10 day Ditch The Diet Drop The Weight Lifestyle Challenge. I will be giving you a challenge everyday to help move you towards a body and life you love now (and not 7kg from now). Each day is designed to inspire, motivate and challenge you as we hold each other accountable for this transformation. There are prizes to be won, you have lots of support from all of us involved and I promise you will have loads of fun!

What you can win!!!

Each time you post your picture with #dtddtwchallenge AND tag me @rachelfoy1 on Instagram and/or post it on my Facebook page (bonus points for both) you will be entered to win a scholarship for my signature program Ditch The Diet Drop the Weight which starts in the Autumn of 2015. The scholarship is worth $1500

I cannot stress the importance of being open to these challenges and even if you think that some may seem small or insignificant, please don’t brush them aside as THEY DO MATTER. I promise you that if you actively choose to join us on the challenge, when you put yourself first and start to embrace each day, your life is going to shift in ways you never thought possible.

We start on 4th June…..are you ready to join me??  CLICK HERE TO JOIN >>

Much love,

Rachel xox

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