Are you a soulful, ambitious woman?

Do you have your eye on success, but feel disconnected from your body or your life?

Do you want to live life on purpose with more fun, confidence and happiness without being food obsessed or believing you need to drop a dress size?



How to satisfy your starving soul. soul hunger, rachel foy

We all crave things in life but have you ever stopped to think what are you REALLY hungry for?

It’s so easy for life to take over. We spend our time juggling jobs, families and homes. We put other people’s needs before our own. Our days can seem monotonously routine as we follow the clock and follow the schedule.

Sometimes we give so much of ourselves that we become empty.

We lose ourselves.

We don’t know who we are anymore or what we want.

We start to believe we aren’t good enough. That we’re not thin enough. Not toned enough. Not this enough. Not that enough.

Enough already, we deserve more ladies!

You see deep down inside, we’ve fallen out of love with ourselves and disconnected from our soul, our truth.

Replacing the love with judgement and criticism. Perhaps even hatred.

I know, I’ve been there.

A few months ago I had a wobble. Like a real life mid-life crisis!

  • I didn’t remember what it was like being ME before my children.
  • I didn’t remember what it was like to stay in bed at the weekend and get up when I wanted.
  • I didn’t remember what it was like to do something, anything spontaneously without having to worry about routines and structure.
  • I didn’t remember having no-one else to worry about or be concerned over, giving 100% of my attention and love just to myself.
  • I didn’t remember who I used to be or who I was. And I realised that was a problem.

When did I stop being worthy of my own time and space?

When did I stop being me?

And it got me thinking how many other soulful and ambitious women were in the same boat??

How many were going through life disconnected from themselves and no longer taking care of their needs, desires and hungers?

It’s far too many.

How can we be ourselves, wholly and authentically, when we’ve forgotten who we are and, worse still, don’t love the version of ‘us’ that we’ve become?

I started asking my clients, what lights you up? What makes your soul sing? What makes you happy?

Many couldn’t answer.  At all.  No idea.  Nothing.

And the more people I asked, the more apparent it became that we lose connection with ourselves, our souls far too often and far too easily.

We neglect ourselves.

We put ourselves last.

We forget how important we really are.

And the we find ourselves craving and needing something to fill those empty spaces. Shopping. Wine. Chocolate. Food. Perhaps even all of them!

So how do we make sure that we are not missing in our own lives?

How do we make sure that we don’t give away so much of ourselves that there is no more left to give?

Leaving a void which is easy to fill with food or wine but less easy to fill with our truest desires and dreams which we truthfully crave

How do we begin to unconditionally love ourselves again and realign with our soul?

I want to help you start falling back in love with yourself. All of you. And I’m not just talking about lumps, bumps and wobbly bits (although that is very important)

It’s more than that. Deeper than that. It’s reconnection on a soul level.

Falling in love with who you really are. Removing the masks and stepping away from the stories.

Reconnecting & realigning with your soul.

Knowing who you really are. What are you really hungry for? What makes you come alive? What makes your soul sing?

Living your life on purpose rather than see it pass you by.

Having more fun and enjoyment rather than feeling like you just exist on a monotonous hamster wheel from one day to the next.

Imagine feeling more confident, sexy and alive than ever before!

I’ve always been fascinated with butterflies and how they emerge so perfectly after being trapped in their cocoon for a while.

I see you as being the same.

Stuck and trapped and unable to move as you can’t and you don’t know how.

Yet there is this expansion. Much like a phoenix from the ashes.  A rising.

There is a new you, the REAL you, waiting to emerge. She just needs to be gently coaxed and loved again. Unconditionally.

The real you who knows what she wants.

The real you who makes time for herself

The real you who takes care of her body and nourishes her soul.

The real you who no longer puts herself at the bottom of her own priority list.

The real you who makes space in her own life for herself.

She’s there, inside you. Maybe if you are quiet enough today, you’ll hear her whispering to you

So what is your soul hungry for?

Being aware of this answer is incredibly powerful and then you can do something about it. I’ve created a free meditation for you, Soul Hunger, with a worksheet to go with it, for you to start exploring this question (and the above) in more detail.

To get started, get the meditation

You can have a life where food doesn’t control you,

love Rachel x



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