maddy moon on ditch the diet radio with rachel foy food freedom coach and how to stop binge eating and emotional eating

Maddy Moon is here to help you end the scenario where food controls your life.

She is a Body Image and Disordered Eating Coach who teaches women and men how to stop obsessing over their diet, body, and exercise routine

She spent the last several years training for fitness competitions and modeling photo shoots, only to come to the conclusion that obsessing over food and her body was taking her further away from her passion, not closer. Today, life coach Maddy  teaches other women and men how to take control of their relationship with food while enjoying every minute of their newfound freedom.

Madelyn is the host of the Mind Body Musings podcast and the author of the free guide 10 Proven Steps for Ending Any Diet Obsession. She is a graduate from the University of Texas in Austin and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and currently resides in Colorado, coaching clients online (although she was in Vietnam when we did this interview!)

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