I’m sat here with my cup of tea staring out of the window looking at the clear blue sky (and it’s mid November!).  I’m feeling all excited about what’s in store for Family Foy.  As some of you may know we’ve been living in Dubai for over 2 years. It’s been an amazing albeit often challenging experience but we feel that the time has come to move on.
We’ve decided to start a new adventure & a new chapter.  In just over 4 weeks we are going back to the UK and I must say we are all really happy. Having family around us will be amazing and being able to slot straight back in as if we were never away will be fantastic too!  (I think the kiddies may be in for a weather shock though – they have lived in shorts and t-shirts for 2 years but hey ho…)

As I was sat here I realised how quick we made out decision and how we have already started arranging the removal company, we’ve booked our flights and found a school for Simeon to start in January…….something which my former self would have had major anxiety around

Overthinking is exhausting

Years ago, when I was a total food obsessive and diet junkie, I used to over think and over analyse the smallest of things.  And I mean everything!!

What to have to breakfast?
What should I wear?
What did she mean when she said that?
Should I do this now or start that first?
What if I run out of time?
What if I say the wrong thing?
Did I say the wrong thing?

The thought of moving my entire family nearly 5,000 miles would have sent me into a not-so-mini anxiety attack…..and a without question a food binge (perhaps lasting several weeks)

Something like this.

What if the children don’t settle?
(take a bite out of the chocolate biscuit – think about it for a moment, start to feel more anxious – other-think some more)

Are we doing the right thing?
(take another bite feeling even more worried – think for a moment – head starts to run away into a different direction)

Should we stay? (bite)

Should we go? (bite, bite, bite)

What if it’s the wrong decision? (reach for another biscuit as the thoughts haven’t stopped, the anxiety is increasing)

What if we’re making a mistake we will regret for the rest of our lives?!?! (cue full blown binge/overeating episode as the desire to keep eating is getting bigger as are your thoughts…!)

Sound familiar?

Here’s the deal.  Right now, I KNOW that this IS the right thing to do for us as a family.


It’s FEELS right.

Based on how I feel about this decision, it feels good.  It feels calming.  It feels exciting.

If I stopped and listened to my head then, yes, those thoughts and doubts and concerns would more than likely make themselves known at some point which is to be expected. We all question ourselves.  We all doubt ourselves at times. We all want to make sure that we are doing the right thing.

But I’ve also learnt over the years to listen, and I mean really listen.  I’ve learnt to let my body guide me. It’s how I feel.  It’s what my soul is saying.  It’s what’s deep down inside my gut.  My instinct.  My wisdom.  My intuition.

I’ve also learnt that my gut instinct and those feelings & emotions are NEVER wrong.

When I embrace them, they really do guide me towards what’s best for me.  I like to see them as my own internal compass.


If you are anything like I used to be and you often over think things, finding yourself in your head way too much and as a result you ignore those emotions and feelings, the chances are you find yourself overeating.  Picking and snacking on food without really paying attention.  Munching through a packet of biscuits whilst trying to solve whatever problem you have in your head.  Feeling stuffed and bloated all the time as you are thinking about what is best to do.

I invite you to STOP.  BREATHE. LISTEN.

If you could press pause on the internal dialogue going on in your head right now and ask your body how she feels about said internal dialogues, what would she say?

If you have a decision to make right now but you are thinking about it too much and trying to cap that anxiety by pushing in food, ask yourself how do you feel about the decision you need to make?

If your head was no longer involved in whatever it is you are other thinking right now, how might your emotions guide you to making a decision or finding the answer?

Life needn’t be overly complicated.  I love to keep things simple.  I often think we overcomplicate things.  If something doesn’t feel right then stop.  If something does feel right then embrace it without question! (I highly recommend you check out The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, I love this book and I adore her!)

If you use your feelings to guide you and explore what those feelings mean, you can start to tap into your own inner wisdom which many of us sadly lose. The more diets you’ve been on, the further away you have become from your body wisdom.  The greater your food obsession, the less self trust you have in all aspects of your life.

The good news is, you can reconnect and repair it.

One step at a time.

Start today. Starts listening to your feelings more than the thoughts in your head.

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