Do you ever panic at the thought of eating carbs?

Perhaps you freak out when you eat chocolate or know it’s in the house?

Maybe eating has become so stressful because you believe that you have no control or self trust around food….

I used to have NO trust around cake! Like seriously, if there was cake in my house or I was out somewhere, I had no trust in myself that I could have just ONE slice (as I usually ended up eating way more than that!)

I had no self trust around breakfast cereal – I would never buy the type of cereal which I really enjoyed eating (cocopops, crunchy nut cornflakes) as I couldn’t trust myself to have just ONE bowl (and once again I very rarely did….eating an entire box of cereal in one sitting became ‘normal’ for me over many years.)

Many women have dieted and food restricted for so long, that they have inadvertently taken themselves further and further away from trusting their bodies and themselves when it comes to eating.  A HUGE part of finding your food freedom is to start to re-learn to TRUST yourself again.

Yes it’s a scary idea

Yes it’s probably causing you to break out into a cold sweat right now at the thought of no longer relying on a diet plan to tell you what to eat

But this really is the most important, rewarding and empowering step towards food freedom.

So in the latest episode from Ditch The Diet TV, let’s have a chat about this………is it normal to freak out when you start eating foods you’ve never trusted yourself around for years and why is self trust even important??!


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How to enter: Simply leave a comment below and let me know if you trust yourself around food right now? What does self trust even mean to you when it comes to eating?

See you next week,

love Rachel xox



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