The diet industry is a multi billion dollar industry.

How much….? Around the $60 BILLION mark.

Every.  Single.  Year.

Crikey.  That’s a lot of people whose body insecurities are being preyed on.




Market leaders such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World dominate the church and community halls through out our towns and villages.

Perhaps you’ve been a member of such a group at some time on your weight loss journey.  Perhaps even more than once.

  • Did you know the average person will spend on average £1,200+ ($1,700) a year on Weight Watchers and Slimming World products. Purchases will include branded foods, classes, books, diets, magazines, and  subscriptions, etc.
  • And the average person will spend 17 years of their lives ‘dieting.’

Did you also know that Richard Samber, former finance director of Weight Watchers from 1968-1993, was quoted as saying if a person cannot maintain their weight loss then they will keep returning to the company.

“It (Weight Watchers) is successful because the other 84% have to come back and do it again. That’s where your business comes from”.


I’m not.

I’ve studied dieting and eating psychology for years now and time and time again evidence and research shows….

  • if you want to put weight on in the long term….go on a diet
  • if you want to become obsessed about food…..go on a diet
  • if you want to reduce your self worth and self esteem (not feeling good enough)….go on a diet
  • if you want to suffer from binge eating and food cravings…..go on a diet

I think you get the picture.  For me when I struggled with all of the above (plus body dysmorphic disorder, binge eating disorder and periods of orthorexia), I was only ever focused on being slim and losing weight.

But you know what I’ve realised over the years my lovely?  If we can start focusing on health, physical and particularly emotional, as the thing which we are truly striving for, we would all be in such a better place.  Mentally.  Emotionally. Energetically.

I’ve said this before but being slim does not equal happiness.

You might think it does right now as your entire world revolves around food, calories and weight loss.

But when you STOP.  Then spend a little time unravelling all of the beliefs you have created around food and your weight.  Amazing things happen.

  • You find your food freedom.
  • You find your happiness.
  • You get your life back to truly enjoy every God damn moment of it in a body you are no longer desperate to slim down.

So how do I do that, I hear you cry..?!?!

You change the record and do something different…..

Mindset work is something which you cannot afford not to invest in.

Time.  Energy.  Focus.

I hear women tell me they don’t have time to work on their mindset every day and I just shrug my shoulders.  ‘my darling, you don’t not have time to spend on this as every day you lose to your food obsession and body hatred, is a day you could have fully lived and experienced’

So what is mindset work??

  • Mindset work is about changing your thoughts.
  • Getting rid of the voices in your head which criticise and judge you.
    • The voices in your head which tell you what a dreadful and weak willed person you are for having eaten that chocolate.
  • Mindset work is about rewiring yourself to feel body confident and to experience the joy of your incredible body without hating her
  • Mindset work is a learning to shift your focus and attention away from the things which don’t serve you (such as overthinking, overanalysing and trying to get things perfect) towards things which do (gratitude, happiness, life)
  • Mindset work is a HUGE part of what I do with all of my clients and I am starting to make this the focus of my 1:1 coaching more and more.

Now what??

Well there are many ways you can start working on your mindset.  Here’s a great place to START IF YOU ARE NEW TO MY WORLD and you might also want to check out THE FOOD FREEDOM ACADEMY which is my brand new monthly membership community packed full of mindset tools, visualisations, MP3s and videos.


You can have a life where food is no longer in control.

I can’t wait to show you how.

Love Rachel xox


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