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Rachel Foy boasts over 13 years of expertise in the realm of personal development, offering tailored, premium therapeutic coaching and mentoring to clients worldwide.

Her unparalleled proficiency lies in the transformation of subconscious minds, a skill honed through years of experience. Rachel’s journey began in a prominent therapy clinic in Dubai, where she collaborated with a diverse clientele, ranging from senior government officials and professional athletes to aspiring entrepreneurs and multinational company presidents.

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Timeline practitioner, and executive life coach, Rachel prioritises ongoing professional development, continuously enhancing her skillset.

A trailblazer in the field of therapy and mindset for entrepreneurs and business leaders, Rachel serves private clients, including CEOs of multinational corporations and accomplished serial entrepreneurs with 6-7+ figure successes. Rachel is not only an expert but also a successful entrepreneur herself, founding two companies along with co-director of a third.

Topics we can talk about

  • Can therapy make you a better business leader?
  • Why business leaders must open up about their own mental health
  • Why business leaders need a coach, mentor and therapist
  • The truth about therapy and if it’s right for you
  • Entrepreneurs and mental health
  • The 5 main reasons why entrepreneurs are vulnerable to mental health challenges
  • Why investing in your mental and emotional health is the best investment you could ever make
  • How unresolved trauma can slow business growth
  • 3 ways therapy can make an entreprenuer limitless & unlock their potential



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