For mission driven Health Coaches and Wellness Entrepreneurs to master self belief + visibility so they can position themselves as an expert in their field and create a movement with their soul’s work

Starts July 1st

My clients frequently tell me things like

“I wish I didn’t doubt myself so much”

“Whenever I gain momentum I self sabotage or find myself procrastinating and putting things off which I know will lead to success”

“I’m a perfectionist and frequently think I should be doing more and doing things better”

“I know what to do but I’m not doing it!!”

“I don’t know where to start, I’m so overwhelmed and confused!”

Here’s what I want you to know

Firstly, all of those things are really common (welcome to being human!) but secondly, the faster you can move past them, the faster your business will grow and the quicker your dream life will start to become reality.

To do that though and to access your full potential it does take more than journalling, meditation and looking at your vision board everyday….

…’ve got to be looking at both your conscious and subconscious mind as well as taking soul aligned DAILY action in your business.

Let me explain……

I know you’ve probably invested in business programs and coaches already but to fully awaken your full power and potential….


And I’m not talking on-the-surface-fluffy-motivational-raa-raa-stuff.

I mean deep, soul level healing + mindset work.

> I know far too many women who hit money goals and still feel incomplete so they strive for the next one hoping it will give them a sense of achievement and self acceptance. Except it doesn’t.

> I know far too many women who aren’t hitting their goals and targets as their beliefs systems aren’t supporting their desires (oh hello self sabotage, inner critic, self doubt and procrastination) and their self worth is attached to the number in their bank account.

> I know far too many women who are operating the entire time in their masculine and pushing, hustling and driving themselves and their business forwards only to end up burnt out, exhausted and ill.

> I know far too women who are holding themselves back in going bigger with their work and business through fear. Fear of it not working. Fear of it working. Fear of what people will think. Fear of getting it wrong. The whole time they are pressing pause on their growth and protecting themselves from getting hurt. 

> Finally I know far too many women who never quite feel enough despite everything they are doing, everything they have achieved and everything they have overcome. They are strivers, do-ers, perfectionists. Deep down they have a lack of self love and no external success will ever make that go away.

It’s only when ALL OF THIS is addressed by removing the blocks, changing the beliefs, re-writing the stories and healing the hurts of the past which are holding you back from your fullest potential will you ever create the impact, income and influence you desire and with far more ease and grace than you have experienced up until now.

What do I know?!

Well I’m Rachel Foy, The Mindset Alchemist for soul driven female entrepreneurs and rising leaders 

I’m a big dreamer.

A visionary myself.

I believe in magic and that we get to choose the life we wish to create for ourselves.

My spirit team are my board of directors. I run everything past them!

(seriously…we have a board meeting every morning before I start work)

and you and I have so much in common!

I started my first business in 2006, some were successful and some didn’t work but I’ve learnt a lot that’s for sure. I’ve learnt what worked, what didn’t and what I could have done differently.

One of things which I wished I had done sooner in my business is really practice what I now preach!

Over the last few years I’ve invested heavily in myself and my business and because of which I’ve:

  • celebrated 5 figure months
  • wiped out a significant amount of debt from years ago
  • got a successful podcast which has tens of thousands of downloads
  • written and published a book
  • started a second business
  • co-founded a third business with my husband
  • created a new podcast which is about to be launched
  • started a new book which is now in the pipeline
  • got dream soul clients all over the world
  • put my prices up by 300% and find it easier to sell now than ever before
  • got clients all over the world who I adore working with.
  • decided (as everything is a decision) over the next 12 months my business will be at multiple six figures

All of this whilst working approximately 25 hours per week. The rest of the time I’m on mummy duty!

Why am I telling you this?

It wasn’t that long ago that I was CRIPPLED with self doubt

I had anxiety on/off most days as I felt so overwhelmed with what I was doing

My inner critic was so loud that I felt like an imposter despite my experience, credibility and qualifications

And money was inconsistent to the point that bills would be left unpaid until the next cash injection came in!

So what changed?

I did.

I make a commitment to myself to work on my mindset everyday above and beyond anything else.

I studied quantum physics and anything and everything to do with the science of manifestation (as this isn’t woo, this is scientific! The laws of the universe are real!)

I didn’t do any ‘work’ until I fully felt in alignment with what I was doing

I didn’t create content, do a facebook live or write a single post until I fully believed in myself and worked through all the reasons why I didn’t using hypnosis, healing, mindset work and tapping.

Some days that’s all I did, honestly! (I don’t recommend 6-7 hours of mindset work everyday!)

Gradually this is what happened:

I deleted my BS stories I had been telling myself

I choose to get out of my own way

I showed up when I didn’t want to

I changed my beliefs around receiving wealth and what it takes to become a wealthy woman

And all of that is still a work in progress and I know always will be.

You see being an entrepreneur is challenging at the best of times but having to contend with all of the above can really tip the best of us over the edge into a hole of despair, panic and overwhelm.

(I’ve been there a few times and I know you have too)

Overworked, underpaid, overlooked and undervalued, after having a baby, I was near breaking point and somehow drawn to contacting Rachel for help. I was in the worst place mentally, physically and emotionally, and after a quick intro call, I knew that I could trust Rachel to bring me back to life. I committed to myself and we have been working together now for nearly 3 years.

In that time, Rachel has helped me to break free from a life time of self doubt, self sabotage and negative self talk. We quickly got to grips with what was needed and through her calm, intuitive and insightful manner, I’ve reached a level that I never even thought possible, and still each session improvements happen and goals are smashed. I’ve overcome disordered eating and am now a qualified health coach, gone from being injured and broken to competing in triathlons, quit my job and opened my own business (with others in the pipeline), from chaos to clarity and none of it would be possible without Rachel’s guidance and support.

Thank you Rachel, I hate to think where I would have ended up, if our paths hadn’t crossed.

Dani Hakim

Health Coach + Founder of Magic Of Being

My sessions with Rachel were transformational!
We uncovered some deep seated beliefs that were controlling so many aspects of my life. Bringing awareness to these issues has allowed me to really question myself when they show themselves and make different decisions in my life.
I know this work has changed me on a cellular level.
Nicola Salmon

Fat Positive Fertility Coach -

From my experience there are three things which most entrepreneurs are missing:

The Mindset for Success

Real mindset work – deep soul healing and intentional thinking following the laws of the universe ie Laws of Attraction. Fully backing yourself. Fully believing in yourself. Cultivating a limitless way of thinking


Business buddies who not only help and support you but will push you past your comfort zone and cheer you on

Soul Aligned Clarity in their business

Giving themselves permission to do it their way! Blueprints, strategies and gurus send us in a tailspin which creates overwhelm and then we wonder why we’re procrastinating and feeling unmotivated.

I’ve been speaking to people who know their main issues right now are what’s going on in their mind rather than their business strategy.

They doubt themselves
They feel overwhelmed
They are questioning their pricing based on fear
They aren’t showing up as much as they know they can
They are overthinking everything they are doing incase it’s somehow wrong

(you know I’m talking to you!)

So……I’ve decided to start a MASTERMIND with a difference

One which focuses on mastering your mindset for success.

A MASTERMIND which is all about the inner stuff.

Your thoughts
Your stories
Your beliefs which are limiting your potential
Your energy

with soul aligned business modules too to help you take massive action towards growing your business!

Professional Bio

I’ve worked in the world of personal development as a therapist and coach for 10+ years both in the UK and Dubai. During that time I’ve helped hundreds of clients overcome blocks, issues and problems which had been holding them back from personal and professional success.

I’m a Clinical + Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, EFT practitioner, UK qualified Homeopath + Soul Work teacher. I’ve trained with some of the best teachers + mentors in the world and continue to develop my skills in personal development + coaching, recently exploring deeper Shamanic teachings, breath work, the Divine Feminine + sacred archetypes as well as Matrix Re-imprinting + Inner Re-patterning. 

I don’t follow a blueprint, step by step guide or system when I work with my clients as every single client I have is different and unique. The one thing I can tell you though, is our time together will be transformational. I pride myself at being the catalyst for many of my clients being able to transform their mindset, beliefs and stories by deeply connecting to their inner wisdom resulting in more impact, income and influence doing the work they know they are here to do. Frequently in a short space of time. Often change beyond recognition.

I fuse together science + spirit calling on the principles from energy work, NLP, EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, positive psychology and energy medicine sprinkled with elements from the Law of Attraction and meditation which creates my very own style I’ve called Soul Alignment Therapy.

After working with countless number of women and growing my own business, there is no strategy, blueprint, step-by-step system or business coach which will bring you more aligned success than fully healing your deepest inner demons and changing your energy, vibration + mindset through mindset mastery and soul alignment. 


You go from being in the worst place mentally, physically and emotionally to training as a health coach, quitting your corporate job and setting up your own business whilst looking after 2 small children…

…..just like my client Dani

You go from being totally and completely exhausted, deeply unhappy and disillusioned with life to unearthing your real self to find the confidence to make a step change in your already successful business to follow your true passion taking you to the USA to train as a coach.

…..just like my client Susy

You go from feeling stuck to finding enjoyment in your life and business again

…..just like my client Patricia


I gained clarity, confidence and belief in myself and my soul’s purpose like never before.

My podcast started getting thousands of downloads.

Ideal soul clients started reaching out for 1:1 work paying my increased fees in full

Opportunities to speak at workshops and events started appearing in my inbox

Record revenue months in my business happened with me working less than I had done previously



I healed my stuff and I shifted my energy + vibration through mindset mastery + taking soul aligned action in my business

Do you want to do the same?

Here’s what you get in the

Mindset Mastery School Mastermind

Fortnightly Group Mindset Mastery Sessions.

In these sessions (6 in total) we’ll explore the most common beliefs, stories and fears which can hold us back from our fullest potential and then I’ll give you the tools to help rewrite them all!

Tools include self hypnotherapy, tapping, NLP and Inner RePatterning

We’ll be covering:

Self Trust
Self Sabotage
Self Acceptance
Imposter Syndrome
Money Mindset

Also includes 6 Mindset Mastery MP3s for each topic to help reinforce the mindset work

Weekly Group Calls

In these sessions we’ll discuss, delve into and explore every topic as we work through them from mindset to business building. I’m here to help you fully own your brilliance, overcome self doubt and take massive soul inspired action in your business!

6 Soul Aligned Business Models

Although we are focusing heavily on mindset mastery, we are also going to take practical steps for growing our businesses. These modules have all made the biggest difference in my own business growth, one which I have heavily invested in over the years

Clarity + Foundations

Owning Your Gifts to become an expert in your field

Attracting Your Dream Soul Client

Soul Aligned Packages and Pricing

Sharing Your Message with Ease

Soul Aligned Hustle 90 Day Business Strategy

Secret Facebook Support Group

Questions. Queries. Concerns. Support. Sisterhood.

All. The. Things.

Working with Rachel has been a godsend for me. Her wisdom, experience and practical tools have helped open me up to choices, opportunities and enjoyment in my life + business again.  Talk about finally getting real about your life and keeping it there. Thank you, Rachel!

Patricia Dechant

Coach at

I have worked with Rachel for 3 years now and when I look back, I realise how far I have come, the transformation I have made and how much Rachel has helped me to achieve. She utilises her laser sharp focus, her intuition, her skill and expertise to ask questions that support and challenge but most importantly to move me forward.

Everyone needs a Rachel in their life!

Sian Perham

Leadership Specialist, founder of Aligned Leadership

I worked with Rachel to help achieve some crystal clear focus and get my ass in gear to take action. Rachel is a master in straight talking, sprinkled with tough-love! She helps you cut right through the noise and get to the heart of what’s going on, enabling you to face it head-on and move forward at pace. She has a great tool kit at her disposal in her coaching practice, calling on different aspects when it’s of relevance and benefit to you. Rachel is client led, always guiding you back to your purpose and goals, and helping to keep you on the right track.

Deborah Bulcock

Coach + Consultant -

When I started working with Rachel I was 9 years into running my own consulting business, a mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend – living the dream and having it all…..
Except underneath the veneer I was totally and completely exhausted, deeply unhappy and disillusioned with life struggling to imagine that this it – ultimately I was completely lost.  
The trigger to contact Rachel was my 30 year long difficult relationship with food –  and I am truly delighted that this has completely changed.  No longer obsessing, dieting, restricting, overeating, just eating what I choose that nourishes my body and mind (which can often mean a lovely slice of carrot cake!)
I would have been ecstatic with this result but Rachel has enabled me to learn so much more than this.  To unearth and redefine the true me (the one that loves a good dance late at night, that loves some woo woo moon rituals, who sobs with joy when riding a horse, and has the confidence to make a step change with my already successful business to follow my passion) – and own it!
With just the right balance of care, accountability, and encouragement while understanding the pressures of the executive level workplace Rachel’s coaching has been deeply impactful and most importantly helped me to get the results I desired and some I didn’t even consider!  
Susy Davis

Coach -

I was a bit sceptical about using hypnotherapy but I knew I needed something extra to move me forward in my business and life.

Rachel was so gentle and caring, she coaxed out incidents that I had buried so well that I have never connected them to the fears and negative beliefs that were holding me back!

This work really is transformational. Thank you

Sarah McKenna

Handmade pottery and ceramics

It’s my most AFFORDABLE price ever for my mentoring and a super affordable price to be in a MASTERMIND




Fortnightly Group Mindset Mastery Sessions

6 x Mindset Mastery MP3s

Weekly Group Calls

6 Soul Aligned Business Models

Secret Facebook Support Group

(+ BONUS 1:1 Call with me when paid in full)


£249 / Month x 3


Fortnightly Group Mindset Mastery Sessions

6 x Mindset Mastery MP3s

Weekly Group Calls

6 Soul Aligned Business Models

Secret Facebook Support Group


£189 / Month x 4


Fortnightly Group Mindset Mastery Sessions

6 x Mindset Mastery MP3s

Weekly Group Calls

6 Soul Aligned Business Models

Secret Facebook Support Group

Want to chat?

Got questions? Want to ask something before joining? No problem. I practically live on facebook so click the button below and we can have a chat via messenger


I'm new to business or have not long been doing this. Is this for me?

YES! My intention with the mastermind is to help move you forward in your business as quickly as possible without wasting time on endless courses, programs and google! The things I’ll be teaching and helping you with are the things which have made the biggest difference to my business over the years and which will do the same for you too!

(note: I expect you to have some knowledge of tech etc as I won’t be showing you how to set any of the tech systems up. That falls out of the scope of the mastermind)

I'm not new to business and have been doing this for a few years. Is this for me?

YES! My intention with the mastermind is to help move you forward in your business as quickly as possible without wasting time on endless courses, programs and google! The things I’ll be teaching and helping you with are the things which have made the biggest difference to my business over the years and which will do the same for you too! Whether you are relatively new or a seasoned entrepreneur, this mastermind will help you for sure

What's the difference between the Mastermind and your private mentoring?

Although I am in the mastermind with you fully, on the calls and giving help/support/feedback for the entire time, we don’t focus specially on your stuff as we do it as a group.

Mentoring is personalised and you receive my full support and commitment to you during our time together.

What kind of business should I have to join this mastermind?

This is ideal for helping spiritually hungry, growth orientated entrepreneurs within the health and wellness industry who are wanting to create momentum with their soul’s work. 

PLEASE NOTE: this isn’t for anyone who is a weight loss coach or works within the diet sector of ‘health and wellness’. I am a weight neutral practitioner myself and strongly believe in the principles of HAES (Health At Every Size) and for that reason I am very clear about who I will work with. I am a campaigner for body equality and set up Soul Fed Woman to help women free themselves from food obsession, body hatred and dieting which is significantly caused by diet culture and the unrealistic expectations of what the female body should look like. You can read more about it here


I know that you have already had some level of success at what you are doing but you also know you haven’t fully stepped into your fullest power and potential, right? If you feel like you are holding yourself back whether it be sabotage, procrastination, lack of clarity, pushing and then stopping, not looking after yourself or a whole host of other things, then come and join me in the Mindset Mastery School Mastermind.

I’m a huge believer in synchronicity rather than coincidence and you are here reading this for a reason! If this is calling you to at least explore, let’s chat. No pressure, no obligation and no need to hand over your credit card there and then (unless you want to!)

I’d love to see you in the Mindset Mastery School Mastermind.

It’s time you fully started believing in yourself.

Self belief is the biggest secret to success 



Your investment 




Fortnightly Group Mindset Mastery Sessions

6 x Mindset Mastery MP3s

Weekly Group Calls

6 Soul Aligned Business Models

Secret Facebook Support Group

(+ BONUS 1:1 Call with me when paid in full)


£249 / Month x 3


Fortnightly Group Mindset Mastery Sessions

6 x Mindset Mastery MP3s

Weekly Group Calls

6 Soul Aligned Business Models

Secret Facebook Support Group


£189 / Month x 4


Fortnightly Group Mindset Mastery Sessions

6 x Mindset Mastery MP3s

Weekly Group Calls

6 Soul Aligned Business Models

Secret Facebook Support Group

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