Imagine lying on the beach this summer feeling REALLY confident.

Imagine no more ‘Bikini Diets’ in preparation for your holiday.

What if THIS year, was the best summer yet?

If you are anything like how I used to be the idea of summer approaching used to fill me with dread. Knowing that you have to get your legs out, you have to wear a swimsuit and you won’t be able to hide behind baggy jumpers and sweatpants.

You prepare yourself for the dieting frenzy of getting your body ‘ready’ for the summer (hoping that you can lose 10lbs in a few weeks as once again you’ve left it too late!) Yet with each week that passes, and your holiday approaches on the horizon, you realise that, once again, you don’t feel good about yourself and you are dreading going onto the beach.

Is it possible to enjoy summer and your holiday WITHOUT dieting and having to lose weight? Or is that just an elusive dream which can never become reality?  

Here’s what I believe and what I know to be true:

Every woman has a right to feel amazing in her body, confident in her skin and enjoy every single minute of her summer holiday without feeling self conscious, ashamed or disgusted with herself.

With the right approach and mindset shift, I truly believe that all of us REALLY CAN be in that place, where the pleasure and enjoyment of life FAR OUTWEIGHS the obsession of your weight and the size of your thighs.

YOU are no different.  YOU too can have that level of body confidence Buy you have to start somewhere, right?

So where do you start?!!

How do you stop the urge to go on a ‘bikini diet’ in preparation for summer feeling like it’s the only way to feel ‘relatively’ more confident on the beach?!?

 I have a question to ask you gorgeous lady…..

 In an ideal world, how would you like to FEEL about yourself this summer?

Perhaps you want to finally stop panicking, stressing and getting anxious around the thought of showing your body this summer

Maybe you finally want to stop devoting all of your time to ‘bikini diets’ as soon as the sun starts to shine

Or perhaps you finally just want to feel confident, happy and content in your own skin (and have an amazing summer in the process!)

If this is what you TRULY want, then join me on ‘Love Your Body This Summer’

Over 6 weeks, you will receive 6 lessons packed with tips, tools & strategies to help move you from ‘I’m dreading summer’ to ‘I can’t wait to get on that beach and wear my bikini, bring it on..!!!’

Here’s what we’ll cover

WEEK ONE – Be A Diet Rule Breaker & Stop Being Scared Of Food

During this week you will:

:: Start understanding about body wisdom
:: Realise it’s importance when learning to break diet rules
:: Get super clear on why bikini diets have never worked for you
:: Feel positive and energised about being a diet rule breaker

WEEK TWO – Emotional Eating & Cravings

During this week you will:

:: Realise how important the ‘gift’ of emotional eating and food cravings are
:: Identify why you can’t stop eating emotionally no matter how hard you try
:: Discover what your cravings are REALLY about
:: Start to understand why exploring your cravings can help you find your body confidence

WEEK THREE – Improving Body Confidence 

During this week you will:

:: Discover simple ways of dealing with fear of weight gain (false assumption when we stop dieting)
:: Identify new ways of improving body confidence without dieting
:: Learn how body confidence is not about what we have but rather who we are

WEEK FOUR – Changing Our Thoughts & Beliefs About Ourselves

During this week you will:

:: Learn my strategies and techniques on how you really can think differently about yourself and your body
:: Receive actionable techniques to use when your thoughts are impacting how you feel about yourself
:: Discover some powerful ways of rewriting your beliefs so that you feel empowered and confident in your own body

WEEK FIVE – Moving That Body!

During this week you will:

:: Uncover why exercise might not be what you need right now
:: Identify the real reasons which keep you from moving your body on a regular basis
:: Address some areas of self sabotage when it comes to exercise


WEEK SIX – Body Love & Self Care

During this week you will:

:: Start to uncover the ways you can improve body love now (and not 10lbs from now)
:: Realise the importance which self care plays when improving your body confidence
:: Discover the connection between body acceptance, body love and body confidence

Want to throw in some 1:1 sessions too?

Not a problem!

What former clients of Rachel’s have said:

WOW!  I have no other word for it.  Rachel’s approach to all this ‘food stuff’ is liberating….I feel relaxed for the first time in years when it comes to food choice and trusting what my body wants.  I can’t recommend her programs enough


I’m shocked as to how much my attitude towards foods changed over such a short time. I never imagined having chocolate in the kitchen and it’s been sat there for weeks!


I never believed that body confidence was something I would ever find unless I dieted myself down to a stupid weight. Rachel made me realise that my weight was nothing to do with any of it, it was all about me finally learning to appreciate and accept myself for who I was. 


Rachel is taking on the diet industry with what she teaches. She’s honest, genuine, sincere and really wants all of her clients to break free from food.  Eliminate Emotional Eating was such as small investment for such a huge return. If you get the chance you have to do it, you won’t regret it. Thank you Rachel for teaching me more recently than I have ever learnt in 20+ years of dieting


I have thrown away underwear, thrown away clothes that I had for years in hope of squeezing back into them, or in dread of putting on weight and having to put them on again.  I bought two dresses that I would never have bought before, I wore one with red lippy, and jewelry and had tones of compliments (that’s always nice) because apparently people do not see me as I see myself. It’s been fun!


How to know if this course is for you:

This course is for you if you want to:

:: Improve your body confidence in preparation for summer

:: Feel yourself relaxed this summer, especially on a beach

:: Stop diet obsession around this time of year and instead concentrate on more important things

:: Look forward to the sun shining and having fun without the dread of needing to lose weight first

And you describe yourself as one or more of the following:

:: You are weight obsessed

:: You are fed up of starting every new week ‘going on a bikini diet’….. (only to fall off the diet wagon a few days later)

:: You’ve tried everything to feel confident in summer but nothing seems to work for you

:: You want great value and amazing content (which really work) at an affordable price 

This course is not for someone who:

:: wants to just lose weight

:: doesn’t want to start being honest with themselves

:: thinks they can improve their body confidence by losing weight

:: wants a quick fix

:: isn’t prepared to be open to a very different approach

AND that’s not all, I’ve added even more……

Will I Lose Weight?

This isn’t a weight loss course, this is about healing your relationship with your body and learning to break the diet rules.  If your intention of joining this course is to lose weight then please don’t waste my time and go elsewhere…! (there are plenty of bikini crash diets out there right now, but don’t expect them to really help you)

Do you offer a refund?

No my lovely as I want you to be in this fully committed, OK?

How long do I have access to the course for?

Once the course has finished, you have lifetime access as long as the course is available

How much personalised attention will I get?

Depends on what level you’d like to join. There are options to add some 1:1 coaching so if you feel called to work with me more personally then check them out!

What format is the program?

A combination of calls (which you can listen to through the internet), PDFs and MP3 downloads.

I have another question which isn’t here, what can I do?

Sure thing, send an email to and I’ll get back to you ASAP

If you are sick of the trying to lose weight, fed up of hearing about the latest ‘bikini diet’ and just want to enjoy summer without stressing about your body, I encourage you to join me.

I’m going to blow your socks off with this anti-diet approach to loving your body without needing to lose weight

Are you ready to Love Your Body This Summer??

Add some 1:1 coaching for a more personalised approach

I can’t wait to see you on this course my gorgeous!

If you have any questions about it or want to see which level of the 1:1 extras you’d like, then contact me by clicking HERE and i’ll come back to you as soon as I can.

Remember –

You can have a life where food is no longer in control and where you feel confident in your own body.

I can’t wait to show you how.

Love Rachel xox

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