Today I came to the conclusion that in order to really help women listen to their bodies and start finding the perfect body for them, I need to listen a little bit more too!  I’ve been so busy with my business and family life recently that my poor body has been slightly neglected and with slightly I mean very.  I’ve been tired, a little run down and craving sugar far too much.  Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting and eating sugar (we all do it), BUT when you know that you are eating it for an emotional reason then it’s time to step back and take action.

As an emotional eating coach, I am all too aware of how emotions often disguise themselves as food cravings so I’ve been exploring my own emotional needs recently and stumbled across some very interesting observations.

My body needs rest

My body needs more nurture and love (from me!)

My body needs to be nourished

Just because of what I do for my ‘job’ does’t make me immune to emotional eating….sometimes I do it too but rather than allow it to take over and create anxiety, worry and self hatred, I step back, observe and ask questions.

In my work, I tell people to eat what they love not what they think they “should”. This is the first step towards gaining freedom from emotional eating. Once my clients eat without restrictions they will start to notice that certain foods make them feel better than others, and I’ve been noticing recently that I don’t feel good after sugar.  My body feels tired.  My focus and concentration is rubbish and my energy levels crash.

For this reason I have decided to give up sugar for 10 days, almost as an experiment.  My decision is not from a place of deprival, but because I know I will feel so much better as a result.

Banning foods because of a diet only creates feelings of deprivation and more binging. CHOOSING to give up sugar because we value our energy levels, clarity of thought, and overall well being, that’s self-love.  And right now, I KNOW I need to focus more on that (as do YOU if you get honest with yourself)

You want to join me?? If you feel ready to take a break from sugar, NOT because you want to drop 2 dress sizes or you want to be 5kg less in a week but because you love yourself enough to give your body and mind a break from something that doesn’t serve you then join me!!

Hop over to my private facebook page ‘Ditch The Diet Revolution’ where you will find all the details.  CLICK HERE

I can’t wait to get started!

Rachel xox

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