t was my husband’s birthday yesterday and we had an AMAZING family day together which involved huge amounts of coffee, cake and more cake on top!  Even the little ones behaved themselves.
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I felt truly blessed in so many ways.  Years ago the thought of afternoon tea would have filled me with anxiety & panic as I would have known that meant ‘falling off my diet’ and you can GUARANTEE that I would have lost all control around the cream scones & chocolate eclairs!  I ate plenty but I didn’t lose control and I delighted in every mouthful!
Anyway I’m not sending you this quick message to tell you all about the amazing day I had yesterday (although I really did!), but because I watched the most wonderful film last night and I wanted to share something I learnt from it.
Hector & the Search For Happiness was brilliant!  (I LOVE Simon Pegg anyway especially in these independent films)
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The very quick summary of the film is Hector goes off on a journey of self discovery with a notebook & pen to finally figure out what makes people happy as he realises he isn’t happy anymore.  He leaves his job, his girlfriend and sets off and his travels take him to China, Africa & the US.
He discovers that happiness is different for everyone BUT we all have the ability to be happy.  The more we chase happiness, the more elusive it becomes and the cycle continues.  Happiness is a side effect of what we are doing……
​It got me thinking how true this is when you think about our obsession with our weight and the way we think we should be eating.
​We chase the belief that when we are slim we will be happy. We give so much time, energy, planning & obsessing to dieting and eating ‘right’ that we lose focus on what is important.
What if like Hector, we STOP focusing on our weight, STOP chasing the dream number on the scales or the ideal clothing size in a pair of jeans and instead FOCUS on creating a fulfilled, contented & authentic life for ourselves.
What if the side effect of that WAS SLIMNESS…??
What if you need to be fulfilled & content in order to be slim and not the other way around..??
Slimness is not a guaranteed doorway to Happyville – we all know slim people who aren’t happy with their lives so isn’t it interesting that many of us still believe that happiness comes with slimness?
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  Do you think slimness = happiness?  Have you ever been slim and actually not that happy?
Until next time,
​Much love
Rachel xox

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