Ditch The Diet Revolution!

Support is VITAL for anyone who is struggling with food obsession, emotional eating, binging and body hatred, that’s why we’ve created the community of ‘Ditch The Diet Revolution’

Our vision is to create the world’s largest platform for helping to empower women about their bodies and who they are.  We all deserve to create and live the life of our dreams without our food obsession and body hatred holding us back.

Let’s spread the word my darling, use the hashtag #DTDR as much as you can!

We need your help.  Let’s do this TOGETHER!!!

How you can be part of the Ditch The Diet Revolution?

  • Get the pledge and print it (here it is)
  • Share our posts with your girlfriends
  • Be active in our facebook group – we are there to support, help and assist each and everyone of you!
  • Get on social media and help start empowering women too!
  • Print out or #DTDR pictures and stick them wherever you can – spread the message
  • Use the hashtag #DTDR and let’s start spreading the word and creating the movement to get Ditch The Diet Revolution firmly on the map as the world’s largest platform for women to feel AMAZING in their bodies and with who they are.
  • Get behind #bodyimagelove part of the Ditch The Diet Revolution platform.  Post a photo of your body parts which you really struggle with loving and accepting.  Go one step further and draw a little heart on there too!

We appreciate your support in everything you can help us with, we can’t do this alone

Much love, Rachel & everyone at Rachel Foy HQ xox

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Be sure to follow Rachel through all channels of social media and remember to use the hashtag #DTDR as much as you can!!

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