If you think that weight loss and dieting is what you NEED to do at the moment, I’d like to explore this topic with you if I may.

I suspect there may be some things which you haven’t looked at before

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I could feel my heart racing in my chest as I arrived back into my apartment after a pretty hectic day at work.

I didn’t fully love my job. It didn’t satisfy my soul. Yet it paid good money and it wasn’t particularly difficult.

The thought of dieting was racing through my head as quickly as my heart was racing in my chest. I’d been thinking about going on a diet all day. I felt bloated. I felt fat. I didn’t like myself. I’d spent most of the afternoon planning what and how I was going to do it. I’d been here before. Many times before. Yet I was talking myself into believing (rather beating myself up) that this time I would succeed. This was the time I was going to get my shit together and finally lose that 10lbs I was so convinced was causing all this misery.

Have you ever felt like that?

Some days can be so weight fixated and body obsessed and try as hard as we can, we just can’t shake that bitchy voice from inside of our head telling us that all we need to do is lose 10lb. All we need to do is stop eating chocolate, go sugar free, not eat after 6pm, stop eating carbs and everything will be ok.

I want to tell you the truth though gorgeous lady, as I respect your mental sanity far more than I appreciated mine when I used to struggle with food, body image and not liking myself

You cannot diet away your problems.

Now I know that diet culture wants us to believe that we can (you’ve seen the big white smile of the women on the flyer who is laughing with her friends in a coffee shop whilst wearing a super tight fitted dress as if she has no cares in the world, haven’t you? All weight loss material looks the same!)

It’s bullshit.

You see the problem that we have now gotten ourselves into, is that we truly believe that losing weight is the solution.

That cutting out carbs will make us feel better about who we are

That avoiding sugar completely will help us feel more calm and relaxed than we may do at the moment

That counting calories, macros, micros and whatever else we feel inclined to monitor and measure will help us feel less stressed than we do right now

But the truth is that our desire to control food and our body, is really just our desire to CONTROL what is going on in our lives which we feel out of control about.

So what’s going on in your life right now that you aren’t happy about?

What do you truly crave and desire in this moment?

What is your soul truly hungry for?

Let me put it this way.

Dieting isn’t a solution to your unsatisfied relationship.

Dieting is not the answer to coping with having too much on your plate as you struggle to say no so take on too much

Dieting is not the answer to feeling disconnected and lost in your life at the moment

Dieting is not going to help you feel better about yourself in the ways you think it might do


Life is messy and challenging and delicious and scary and raw and expansive

Trying to control any of that through manipulating your body into becoming smaller by restricting your pleasure though calorie control and low fat food (yuck!) is not going to help you find answers and solutions to what life throws at you.

Life will still through shit at you even if you drop 10lb. Then what?

That relationship with your partner will still feel stale even if you were 10lb less.

That job that sucks your energy every day will still be doing the exact same thing even if you went sugar free for a month

That lost and disconnected feeling you have at the moment, will still be there even if you avoid pasta, rice and bread for the entire month because without acknowledging the driver behind your desire to diet, nothing will change

Our desire to diet is symbolic of what our soul is truly hungry for

To feel more connected and confident and calm as life takes you on a bumpy journey at times, comes from learning more about YOU and what makes you tick.

It comes from exploring your beliefs about yourself and erasing the ones which no longer serve you

It comes from giving yourself permission to speak your truth and be unapologetically YOU

It comes from letting go of the idea that you aren’t good enough

It comes from digging a little deeper than what you weigh.

It comes from tuning into your soul hungers and what you are really craving, and then learning how to feed your soul with what nourishes and satisfies her.

It comes from letting the fear go. Fear of judgement, inadequacy, failure, criticism.

I’ve had so many clients over the years who had got to their ‘goal number’ and they were saddened to notice that nothing changed.

They still didn’t like themselves, their marriages were still missing something, their jobs were still draining them and they were still existing in a monotonous life.

So if you have a desire to diet right now because life feels a little out of control and generally not what you want, then you have two choices.

Diet which will address and change nothing (and also add binging, emotional eating, guilt and low self esteem into the mix as that’s what diets create)


turn away from dieting and start to face the truth.

You can create a life filled with passion, fun, pleasure, connection and delicious experiences without ever needing to be a part of diet culture.

I promise.

Grab your freedom now gorgeous

Life is too short to wait on the weight!

love Rachel xx



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