Dear Slimfast.

I’ve just seen your latest advert featuring your ambassador Alexandra Burke and I’m pretty sure that I speak on behalf of millions of women out there but seriously!?!?!

P!ss off!




Firstly in a society where female bodies are not only exploited and sexualised but also portrayed as having to be a certain size and shape, your advert does NOTHING to help women feel confident and empowered with who they are.

And once again, it’s women and our bodies who are being targeted with your rubbish.

Since when do women have to lose weight in order to enjoy their 2 weeks on a beach??

Since when do women have to lose weight in order to go on a date and find love??

Since when do women have to lose weight to have fun with their friends going to a festival (whilst casually siping their slim fast fake food in a bottle)?

And that brings me onto another point which actually pisses me off the most.

There are 18g of sugar in one of your Slim Fast ready made shake drinks, that’s 4.5 teaspoons, that’s equivalent to half a can of coke…..!

There are 13g of sugar in one of your Slim Fast bars, that’s just over 3 teaspoons and over 50% of the bar is PURE SUGAR!!!

It pisses me off SO MUCH that companies like you focus solely on WEIGHTLOSS and women’s body insecurities and never on HEALTH.

Being slim does not make you healthy.

Being slim does not make you happy!

Eating that much sugar in any other form would be frowned upon.

Someone doing even just a week of Slimfast would consume up to 288g of sugar, that’s 72 teaspoons ….. weekly consumption for health shouldn’t be more than 42 teaspoons a week for a women. Something’s not right there is it?? (you can check on your own website as I calculated that based on your meal suggestions for a week…)

But I guess you wouldn’t want to tell your consumers that by the time they’ve eaten that much sugar in a week, their blood sugar will be all over the place that they will physically be craving real food…..and more of it!

Enough with the body shaming and making out that buying your sugar loaded, fake food (and I reluctantly call it food) will help anyone feel better about themselves and who they are.

Just imagine if women started stepping into their power, accepting themselves and all of their lumps, bumps, wobbly bits and cellulite, companies like yours would go out of business. Imagine that!!!!

So ladies enjoy yourselves this summer, splash in the water, have fun with your friends, go on dates and have a blast at the festivals….you don’t need to lose weight to do any of those things!!!!

*rant over*


You can have a life where food is no longer in control.

I can’t wait to show you how.

Love Rachel xox


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