How amazing would it be to have the support you need right now from other women who have the same issues with food & their weight & eating?

A safe place where no-one is judged & criticised?

This wonderful community to help SUPPORT YOU right now as you work towards breaking diet mentality, improve your body confidence & find your freedom with food.


How To Get Involved

Join my private facebook community, The Food Freedom Movement

  • Support from myself – I’m always in the group answering your questions and getting you to think differently about food & your body
  • Exclusive access to training calls & webinars – I let YOU know first whenever I’m doing anything so that you don’t miss out
  • Weekly Q&As with ME – got questions about emotional eating? Binging? Diet obsession? Post your questions and every week I’ll answer as many as I can
  • Surround yourself with positivity – we have amazing women already in the community for you to share stories with, receive words of encouragement and to have discussions with.

What are you waiting for??

The Food Freedom Academy

Want to be surrounded with support, love and affection as you learn to stop fighting food and your body?

You might want to check out my new monthly membership community The FOOD FREEDOM ACADEMY

  • Monthly bite sized bundles of food freedom – workshops, calls, videos and facebook hours to ask me anything
  • Support from myself and the community to help you in whatever way we can
  • A growing and extensive vault of resources to help you reconnect to your body and stop emotional eating, binging and food obsession – think meditations, visualisations and videos/audios of using EFT (also known as tapping)

What are you waiting for?? It’s ONLY £19/month (no contacts)

Get behind the Food Freedom Movement

  • Grab a copy of your pledge and print it out (here it is)
  • Share our posts with your girlfriends
  • Be active in our facebook group – we are there to support, help and assist each and everyone of you!
  • Use the hashtag #myfoodfreedom and let’s start spreading the word, helping thousands of women to feel AMAZING in their bodies, at ease with food and happy in their lives!

Lots of love,

Rachel xox


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