Do you know whether you have a hungry soul?

I want to share with you the 3 most common ways of identifying whether you have a hungry soul, as once you know, you can then start finding ways to feed these non physical hungers so that you feel happier, more connected and more alive!

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Hi gorgeous it’s Rachel here and I want to have a quick conversation with you about three ways of knowing if you have a hungry soul.

Now the first thing I want to mention is that there are many more ways of knowing if you have a hungry so I have chosen the three most common ones to see if this is something that you might be familiar with

1. We stuff ourselves

So the first thing to be aware of if you have a hungry soul yourself right now is the chances are that you will be filling these voids with stuff.

It could be food, so you might be turning to chocolate when you feel stressed, you might be eating crisps when you’re overwhelmed or you feel desperate to eat a massive piece of cake because you’re feeling worked up by something or by someone!

Now by doing that you are filling the part of you, you’re hungry soul with something else. When we do turn to something to fill these empty spaces this really is just a coping strategy and something which I did myself for about 14 years altogether, so just have a think right now about some of the things which you might do quite regularly which are actually a way of addressing this hunger which you have, yet you are filling it with other stuff (so the stuff it doesn’t actually desire)

So food is a really common one. If you are an emotional eater, if you struggle with overeating, if you have food cravings, if you find yourself with your head in the biscuit tin as soon as the children come home from school or as soon as you get home from work, really have a look past the food stuff as I promise you that food is not a problem, it’s literally a symptom.

It’s symbolic, it’s metaphorical, it’s energetic and it can give you a massive clue to help you start to appreciate that this is one of the ways that you are choosing to feed your hungry soul

Now some of the other things which we can turn to, apart from food could be alcohol. Do you open a bottle of wine when you come home from work in the evening when the children have gone to bed and you find yourself having more than the one glass which you intended to? Again this could be just something that you have gotten into the habit of doing but it could also be indicative of having a hungry soul.

Something else is compulsive shopping. Do you find yourself walking down the high street and you have this overwhleig desire and urge to just spend money and you find yourself coming home with bags of things which you really don’t need and maybe don’t even like??

Yet you’ve had this desire, urge and craving to just feed something, maybe it’s excitement, spontaneity, just that adrenaline rush of spending money and buying things. This is another way of knowing that potentially you have a hungry soul

2. The energy you choose to live in

How often do you find yourself in that place of overwhelm, feeling frantic and anxious, so many ‘to-do’ lists and wondering how the hell you are going to fit all this in?? It’s constantly do do do do ! That is what I used to do until I became very conscious of my behaviour (I had ‘to-do’ lists to organise my ‘to-do’ lists…!!)

That energetic state of overwhelm, feeling frantic and adding things to the list is another way of knowing you have a hungry soul.

Usually underneath that state there may be a bit of anxiety or worry which is not a comfortable place to be in, especially if you are in it every single day from an energetic point of view. When our souls are fed with these non physical hungers (more to come on that in another episode) this energetic state changes, so instead of being overwhelmed and frantic and busy and doing, it becomes more balanced, calming and it flows with ease and contentment.

Be aware of the emotional state in which you are choosing to live right now and how do you feel the majority of the tim? If you roll out of bed and the first thing you think about is how much you have to fit in and what you have to do today, perhaps take a step back from that and explore whether that is potentially about you not feeding your hungry soul at the moment

3. Cruising on auto pilot

This is so common and I see it time and time again. When we start cruising through our incredible lives and we are detached and not present, there is a reason for it. This really carries on from the point above as when we are in overwhelm and feeling frantic, we often go into this protection and survival mechanism of head down and just get on with it. (I think that’s a very British thing too!)

We shut ourselves out of our own lives.

But again if you are doing this repetitively and consistently and it’s now become your norm, there is a part of your soul which isn’t being fed. A soul fed women doesn’t cruise through her life on autopilot, she experiences it, everything.

Living in the moment, being present and embodied, so that is something I invite you to have an awareness of. Is that something which you do right now?

Honestly for all of us, the life which we have right now, we all have a choice to change it if we wish. One of the biggest things which made a massive difference for me when I was struggling with diet and weight obsession (underneath all of that I did have a hungry soul to the point where it was starving) when I started to learn to be more present and less detached, listening to myself and feeding these hungers in a non physical way, life started to change and I really want you to start having an awareness of this today.

Do you fill your voids?

Do you feel overwhelmed and frantic more times than not?

Do you cruise through your life on autopilot worrying about the past and anxious about the future, spending all your time in your head and you miss the moment?

When you can start to recognise and acknowledge those things and then take steps to start changing them, everything will shift.

You begin to feel more confident, more empowered, more embodied, more connected, more present!

You have a right to experience all of that and more!

Want some extra help with feeding your Soul Hunger?

I’ve created a beautiful meditation for you which will allow you to start figuring out what your soul is really hungry for. (Remember it’s not about the food, the wine, the shopping or anything else which you THINK is the problem. All of that is symptomatic and symbolic of a deeper hunger)

To get started, get the meditation here:

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