I don’t know about you but summer always seems worse for body insecurities popping up than any other time of the year. It makes sense though right?? Shorts, swim suits, bikinis, scrappy tops and dresses….not to mention body envy. Checking out the slim women who have it all going on with their perfect bikinis and perfect bodies and perfect everything….

You know what though, not everything is how is appears and just because someone is pulling off the latest summer clothing trend does’t mean that she is happy inside.  Body size and shape has very little to do with general happiness actually (despite what you might be thinking right now)

You see body confidence starts from the inside and radiates itself outwards.

Here are my top 3 tips on how to feel HOT in your bikini* this summer (*replace with whatever piece of clothing you wish!)

1) It’s not all about you!

It might seem like the whole beach are looking at you in your swimsuit or bikini but really they aren’t.  Our perceptions can totally influence our feelings and emotions so be careful of what you THINK is real and what actually is just imagination.  So many people have so many body insecurities that you’ll probably find (if you asked them!), that the women who you think is looking at you funny is actually too occupied in holding her tummy in and the women sat on the beach towel to your left is too concerned about her own cellulite to be concerned about yours, and so on and so on (you get the picture). How much of how you feel is perception and simply coming from what you are thinking?

2) Tune into life and enjoyment!

Whenever you catch yourself drifting back to how you feel in a bikini, or thinking about your body in a negative and nasty way, stop, take a deep breath and tune into where you are and what you are doing. This is called being present or grounded. The more you can pull your thoughts and attentions away from body image and actually start having fun on the beach, in the water, in the pool the better you’ll feel.  Your stomach should never prevent you from having fun with your kids on the beach.  Your thighs should never stop you from snuggling up to your partner walking across the sand.  Your arms should never be the reason why you don’t allow yourself to jump in and out of the pool like a 5 year old again. Enjoy yourself my lovely. Life is NOT a dress rehearsal. 

3) Self Care to the max!

Feeling hot in a bikini starts with feeling confident about yourself. Spend time, LOTS of time, taking care of your body and feeling comfortable in your own skin NOW. We take care of the things we love and our bodies should be no exception.  Spend time pampering yourself, nourishing yourself with what your body truly needs (it could be movement, it could be rest, it could be more water) and always make sure you are as loving and caring as you can be when you talk to yourself.  Small children do not become the best version of themselves when they are constantly criticised and we are the same.

Happy Summer Holidays!

Much love,

Rachel xox


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