I was inspired by a fantastic blog post I read this week from Danielle LaPorte author of The Desire Map (check her out by the way, I LOVE this woman!!!!) and decided to put together my own list.

10 of the best things I ever did…….

1) Stopped dieting..!

I wasted over a decade of my life counting calories, weighing out food, limiting, banning, restricting and not mixing. I got my life back when I stopped.

2) Accepting my imperfections as being perfect.

F*ck perfect. I spent way too long trying to be perfect and losing my passion for life in the process. I’m perfectly imperfect and I can totally live with that

3) Drinking proper coffee everyday.

I tried to stop once and I turned into a miserable and angry individual.  I like coffee.  I love coffee actually.  It’s not a terrible vice to have BUT I always make sure it’s the best, not the horrible cheap instant stuff.  Proper freshly brewed coffee cannot be beaten.  It lifts me up and makes my soul smile!

4) Surrounding myself with amazing, supportive and encouraging women

They bring me up and keep my mood & vibration high.  We all want to belong.  We all want to find our group/sisterhood/community into which we fit perfectly. Here’s a sisterhood you might like to be a part of

5) Stopped listening to everyone about how to bring up children.

I do what’s right for me, I threw the books away, I teach them what I think is important even if some of my teachings are unconventional and I’m always completely honest with them

6) Dropped the label of how I eat……

I’m not vegetarian, vegan, pescitarian or carnivore (although I have dabbled with all of them in the past) If I want a burger I eat a burger, if I want to eat vegetables all week then I do, if I only want fish that’s fine as well.  What’s in a label anyway? It’s irrelevant.

7) I embrace challenges.

There was a time when anxiety controlled me especially when there was a problem out of my control.  Now I allow that challenge to expand me and trust that there is always a solution

8) Realised I could be spiritual without having to be a hippie

I swear, like to drink the occasional glass of fizz and wear high heels and lipstick BUT I also meditate, light intense sticks, believe in the powers of the universe, buy crystals, use angel cards and practice the laws of attraction.  It’s me. No justification needed

9) Invested in weekly pedicures.

How did I live without them??

10) Put up serious boundaries

Especially with people who are not good for me or who don’t respect my boundaries.  I can’t please everyone and I no longer try.
What are your top 10 things, I’d LOVE to hear from you.  Comment below!
Much love,
Rachel xox

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