Ditch The Diet Radio host Rachel Foy interviews Marie-Claire Ashcroft, the happiness ninja
Marie-Claire is a Professional Rebel – a creative entrepreneur who gets paid to be her weird and wonderful self for a living. She spends her time being a Moment Capturing Goddess and Happiness Ninja – inspiring people to find their happy, feel more confident with whom they are, not who they think they should be and to have more fun in life. 
After spending 30 years of her life living with low self esteem, depression and anxiety, she realised that most people spend a long time chasing the idea of happiness based on other people’s ideas of what should make them happy. All this ‘should’ -ing is actually causing people to be unhappy and lose the connection to themselves. After a bolt of divine inspiration and an adventure to come back home to herself, Marie-Claire’s complete existence is very much about living life on her own terms

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