Ditch The Diet Radio with Rachel Foy ditching diet mentality

Eeeekk my first solo #foodfreedomtruthbomb on Ditch The Diet Radio but one which I know will resonate with so many of you! Dieting is not what we think it is, nor is it something which we just ‘fix’ by coming off the plans and programs. When we are struggling with food and yet we believe we aren’t actually ‘on a diet’, this is where diet mentality needs to be looked at. It’s totally possible to have a diet relationship with food and not be ‘on a diet.’

Want some extra help with ditching diet mentality?

I’ve created a free food freedom toolkit for you, which contains some really powerful meditations to help you start listening to your body MORE and the diet gremlin LESS.

To get started, get the toolkit here: http://www.rachelfoy.com/foodfreedomtoolkit

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