The Soul Fed Women Series

I spend hours daily living in the online world. And even though I’m very selective at what I choose to engage in and believe, I cannot help but know that reality looks very different to what many people see beyond the photos and the blog posts.

So it got me thinking how I can help bring more reality into these conversations. Show more of a vulnerable (and real side) of being a business owner who helps women feed their hungry souls. And also what it REALLY takes to step into your truth and acknowledge your cravings and desires (not to mention actually taking action towards them!)

My business and mission is about helping women to understand that how they choose to numb out of life at the moment, whether it be through food, drink, toxic relationships, compulsive shopping, social media amongst a few, ALL OF IT is symbolic of the parts of their soul which is starving for more.

More fun. More happiness. More connection. More adventure. More love.

Is my soul fed all the time? NO!

I have to work on this too. All. The. Time.

So I’ve started a real and honest conversation here on the inter-webs. A conversation between women. Women of different backgrounds, experience, knowledge and wisdom. A conversation around what it takes to feed our souls, the times we haven’t, the times we didn’t know how, the times we choose not to and the times when we did.

Every week I will bring you another conversation, women empowering other women as we all constantly work on listening to our soul, trusting our hungers and feeding ourselves what we are truly hungry for let me know.


EPISODE #1 with Karen Quinn

EPISODE #2 with Layla Saad

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