Are you a soulful, ambitious woman?

Do you have your eye on success, but feel disconnected from your body or your life?

Do you want to live life on purpose with more fun, confidence and happiness without being food obsessed or believing you need to drop a dress size?

Then I’d like to invite you on one of the most rewarding journeys of your life.

We all crave things in life but have you ever stopped to think what are you REALLY hungry for?

It’s so easy for life to take over. We spend our time juggling jobs, families and homes. We put other people’s needs before our own. Our days can seem monotonously routine as we follow the clock and follow the schedule.

Sometimes we give so much of ourselves that we become empty.

We lose ourselves.

We don’t know who we are anymore or what we want.

We start to believe we aren’t good enough. That we’re not thin enough. Not toned enough. Not this enough. Not that enough.

You see deep down inside, we’ve fallen out of love with ourselves, we’ve disconnected from our soul, our truth.

Replacing the love with judgement and criticism. Perhaps even hatred.

I know, I’ve been there. A few months ago I had a wobble. Like a real life mid-life crisis!

I didn’t remember what it was like being ME before my children.

I didn’t remember what it was like to stay in bed at the weekend and get up when I wanted.

I didn’t remember what it was like to do something, anything spontaneously without having to worry about routines and structure.

I didn’t remember having no-one else to worry about or be concerned over, giving 100% of my attention and love just to myself.

I didn’t remember who I used to be or who I was. And I realised that was a problem.


When did I stop being me?

And it got me thinking how many other soulful and ambitious women were in the same boat??

How many were going through life disconnected from themselves and no longer taking care of their needs, desires and hungers?

It’s far too many.

How can we be ourselves, wholly and authentically, when we’ve forgotten who we are and, worse still, don’t love the version of ‘us’ that we’ve become?

I started asking my clients, what lights you up? What makes your soul sing? What makes you happy?

Many couldn’t answer. At all. No idea. Nothing.

And the more people I asked, the more apparent it became that we lose connection with ourselves & our souls far too often and far too easily

We neglect ourselves.

We put ourselves last.

We forget how important we really are.

And we find ourselves craving and needing something to fill those empty spaces. Shopping. Wine. Chocolate. Food. All of them!

So how do we make sure that we are not missing in our own lives?

How do we make sure that we don’t give away so much of ourselves that there is no more left to give?

Leaving a void which is easy to fill with food or wine but less easy to fill with our truest desires and dreams which we truthfully crave

I want to help you start falling back in love with yourself. All of you. And I’m not just talking about lumps, bumps and wobbly bits (although that is very important)

It’s more than that. Deeper than that. It’s reconnection on a soul level.

Falling in love with who you really are. Removing the masks and stepping away from the stories.

Knowing who you really are. What are you really hungry for? What makes you come alive? What makes your soul sing?

Living your life on purpose rather than see it pass you by.

Having more fun and enjoyment rather than feeling like you just exist on a monotonous hamster wheel from one day to the next.

Feeling more confident, sexy and alive than ever before!

I’ve always been fascinated with butterflies and how they emerge so perfectly after being trapped in their cocoon for a while.

I see you as being the same.

Stuck and trapped and unable to move as you can’t and you don’t know how.

Yet there is this expansion. Much like a phoenix from the ashes.  A rising.

There is a new you, the REAL you, waiting to emerge. She just needs to be gently coaxed and loved again. Unconditionally.

The real you who knows what she wants.

The real you who takes care of her body and nourishes her soul.

The real you who no longer puts herself at the bottom of her own priority list.

The real you who makes space in her own life for herself.

That’s where you will be at the end of the 4 month journey with me

I know that it’s going to be raw and vulnerable and I am sure that we will shed some tears (myself included!) but I want you to know that you are completely in safe hands. With over 10 years experience as a therapist I am in the right position to guide you through whatever you need guiding through. No judgement. Just a safe and nurturing space for transformation.

If you’re feeling stuck and lost right now and not quite sure who you are and what you want, then let me hold your hand on this journey. You, me and 4 other women, in it together, every step of the way

I’m Rachel Foy. Soul Freedom Intuitive extraordinaire. Cake and coffee lover. Obsessed about all things hot pink. I’m an empathetic and intuitive soul who brings spirituality and all things woo woo into my life as much as possible whilst being a therapist with 10+ years experience.  I struggled to merge the two for a little while yet now I’ve realised it is possible to be spiritual and woo woo whilst still wearing heels & bright red lipstick!

I am here for you.

To support and guide you

To help you realise, recognise and believe that you are enough

And to help you begin living your life on purpose, rather than see it just pass you by, filled with fun, enjoyment and a sprinkling of sparkle.

And you are deserving of your own passionate love

Initial 2.5 hour Virtual Soul Immersion


Discomfort only lasts as long as you choose and sometimes we have to step into that discomfort in order to expand into change.  This initial 2.5 hours together, although it may seem intensive, is designed for us to jump in with 2 feet whilst I hold your hand as you find out who you truly are, what you are craving in your life and what you are truly hungry for.

At all times you are safe, supported and being held by myself and my experience as a very confident therapist

Your Sister Circle


Twice per month, you will meet virtually with your fellow sisters as we delve into topics around self love, nurture, growth, desires, connection and expansion.  Getting super clear on the things which don’t serve you.  Helping you recognise which stories you can let go of and what stories you want to start writing now.

Sisterhood Facebook Group


A very small, intimate and safe support group for all of the members to rise up and support one another. It may be a question. It may be something you wish to share. It may be to talk about something on your mind. Whatever it is, this group is there for you and I will be in there every day myself.

FREE Access To The Food Freedom Masterclass

VALUE $745

This is my flagship 10 week program which is yours for free when you join. This is packed full with everything and anything you need to heal your relationship with food and your body taking you from diet obsessed emotional eater to someone who doesn’t even realise there is chocolate in the fridge! Really? Yes really!

1:1 Soul Immersion Sessions


This is my specialty and quite honestly I’m a master at it. I have helped women across the globe let go of their stories, their hurt, their pain and their struggles. I can do the same for you too.  I don’t hash over the past, I don’t believe it benefits us. What I will do though, is hold a mirror up to you in order for you to see what is really going on and then, together, we’ll start letting go of everything which no longer serves you to make space for the new, empowered, connected and authentic you! These sessions are twice per month as an optional extra with myself, your soul freedom mentor, on hand to help you bring more fun, enjoyment and pleasure into your life.

The journey begins September 2017

Without 1:1 support

$1400 $1100 (PAY IN FULL SAVE $300)



Are you craving more support?

With 1:1 support

$2700 $2200 (PAY IN FULL SAVE $500)



That’s the price. Yes really.

I’ve kept it low because this is the new, introductory price, which will go up next time round. Selecting the right souls is key for this to work, so for this reason it is by application only. It’s all about connection, at a deeper level.

I’m only taking 5 wonderful souls for my first Sisterhood with several applications already having been submitted, so if you would like to join us, then book a call with me here as soon as possible so we can have a chat. If you’d like more detail, you can also email me here.


If you have any burning questions, these might help.

Why are you qualified?

Besides my formal training in several therapy disciplines including clinical and cognitive hypnotherapy, NLP master coach, EFT practitioner and eating psychology, much of my training and expertise comes from my continuous personal development and curiosity I have for myself. I have worked with some of the best spiritual teachers, coaches, healers and trainers in the world and I am constantly devouring personal developments books and joining programs and events to further my own personal journey. It’s this combined with the thousands of hours of private client experience which makes me more than comfortable and capable to guide you back to yourself. You really are in safe hands.

I don’t have any issues with my food?

The ideal soul for this journey would be someone who finds herself turning to food for emotional support. Perhaps you find yourself eating chocolate when you feel stressed or craving certain things when you’ve had a bad day. You may also have thoughts around your body and your weight and feelings of not being good enough. If you genuinely have no issues with food then this may not be the right journey for you as this will be topic interwoven throughout the 4 months together. 

What if I only have issues with my food?

Any issue with food and body image is a symptom of many other things which are really at the root course. Addressing just food and just body image, although very powerful, will often just have the effect of putting a plaster on a bullet wound. It won’t last and permanent healing will not take place. This is partly why I was drawn to creating The Soul Freedom Sisterhood.  Almost 100% of my clients and the ladies I speak to on a daily basis think they are struggling with food and body image issues, yet in reality these are just symptoms of the bigger picture.  Food is also incredibly symbolic, it represents love, kindness, safety, relationships, nurture and much more. So when we address all of the areas which are keeping us from being our most compassionate and kindest to ourselves, then the food struggles disappear often with very little effort or intention. It’s as if they dissolve.

This made me cry, I’m not sure I’m strong enough to go through this.

I know, it made me cry writing it! And you know why that is a great thing? Because you can relate to this! It’s like I was in your head writing about you wasn’t it? Which also shows that I know how I can really help you, not in a fluffy and woo woo kind of way, but in a ‘jump-out-of-bed-and-feel-bloody-amazing-everyday’ kind of way. Remember I will be giving you all the support you need and you are in the safest hands possible. I will be holding and creating a safe space for you to find yourself again. 

It’s a lot of money to invest

Is it? In your happiness and in finding that connection with yourself which you have lost? I obviously don’t want you sacrificing putting food on the table or a roof over your head, so if that is the case, then please hold off. But if it’s fear holding you back or the thought of investing in yourself *gasp*, can’t you see that’s exactly why this is the best investment you could be making right now?

Can I talk to you about this, I have a few personal questions?

Of course you can. You can schedule a free call by clicking here and we can hop on Skype and see whether we are a suitable match for each other. I want you to be as comfortable as possible with me as much as I do with you.

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