I’m not here to fix you but I am here to help you overcome, work though and heal whatever is holding you back from stepping into your fullest power and potential for even greater success in your life and business.

I empower leaders like yourself to tap into their true power by removing the blocks, changing the beliefs, re-writing the stories and healing the hurts which are holding them back from their fullest potential so self doubt, resistance, self sabotage, procrastination, limiting beliefs, inner critic, feeling overwhelmed and inadequate become a thing of the past.

One of the things I truly believe is that all of us are so much more capable of being, doing and having whatever we desire. Unfortunately we allow the mind monkeys, the doubts and the fears to hold us back and get in the way of our true potential and greatness!


To have more of what you desire isn’t about doing more or hustling harder, it’s about healing your stuff and doing the inner work as your business is an energetic extension of who you are after all.

I’ve been working with ambitious individuals like yourself for many years both in the UK and Dubai, providing rapidly effective, personalised and premium coaching through Soul Alignment Mentoring, a powerful blend of therapy, Executive Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy sprinkled with soul work, modern spirituality and some magic, helping my clients quickly remove any barriers to personal and professional success

I am also a podcast host on ‘The Soul Aligned Hustle Show’ and ‘The Hungry Soul’ as well as being the author of the book with the same name and the founder of the Soul Fed Woman

Why my clients choose me:


100% Confidentiality


Appointments Mon-Fri 9am – 10pm


Start within 7 days


Bespoke programme tailored to you


Convenient 45 minute sessions


No travel – Skype Sessions

Random Facts About Me


  • I am married to my soul mate and best friend, Simon.  We met at my sister’s wedding, he was the best man!
  • I’m a mummy to 2 adorable little people, our son Simeon and our daughter Penelope (AKA Lady P!)
  • I’m British, born in Preston, Lancashire and now live in Cheshire
  • I’ve spent close to 8 years as an expat living in France, Germany and more recently Dubai.
  • My first ‘real job’ was working in a tearoom serving cakes
  • I spent some time in the corporate world before realising I was better being the boss than an employee – I worked at BMW Head office in Munich and The European Patent Office in Munich
  • I speak German and French
  • I love snow boarding and spent my honeymoon in the Canadian Rockies – snow over beaches any day!
  • I’m Aquarius, birthday 1st February
  • A place I would love to visit is Japan – I love sushi!
  • I laugh at myself often, life needn’t be serious
  • Cake is by far one of my favourite foods in the world (other than sushi)
  • I’m a coffee snob. Fresh ground beans is the only way I’ll take it #espressodrinker
Diet Coach - How To Stop Binge Eating Rachel Foy
Diet Coach - How To Stop Binge Eating Rachel Foy
Diet Coach - How To Stop Binge Eating Rachel Foy
Diet Coach - How To Stop Binge Eating Rachel Foy
Diet Coach - How To Stop Binge Eating Rachel Foy
Diet Coach - How To Stop Binge Eating Rachel Foy


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