Is it wrong to want to lose weight?

Can we lose weight without dieting?

When finding freedom from food, is weight loss ‘bad’?


I’m not a weight loss coach (not anymore, I used to call myself that years ago but realised that wasn’t actually what I was helping women with, I was helping them stop fighting food)

I often get asked where weight loss fits into the whole ‘food freedom’ thing and if we aren’t dieting can we still lose weight and is it, in fact, wrong for us to want to lose weight.

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I think this is topic which we can talk about in so much detail.  Is it OK to want to be slimmer?  Should we just be focusing on finding our peace around food and our bodies and forget about wanting to lose weight?

So let’s discuss Weight Loss and wanting to lose weigh

PS this is, once again, the book I recommend in this episode  ‘Health at Any Size’ by Linda Bacon


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