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‘FEED’ – 90 minute Power Session


This is ideal for you if you are not yet ready to commit to 1:1 mentorship but you want to work with someone who can help you see past your own issues and help you see what you can’t (it’s often impossible to see our own stuff by the way)

Every month I have a few slots in my calendar to work with women like you who are ready to start acknowledging what they are truly hungry for and most importantly how they can feed that hunger without overwhelm, fear or confusion.

By the end of this 90 minute session you can typically expect:

Clarity and a sense of “I can see what this has all been about now!’

Calmness that you haven’t been going crazy and your feelings have been valid

Excitement at putting the steps into action to start feeding your hungry soul

Curiosity about your future and how it will unfold now that you are back in control

Within this wonderful 90 minute Feed Your Soul Session, you and I can start exploring what’s really going on underneath the surface symptoms (food obsession, weight obsession, anxiety, worry, drinking, toxic relationships to name just a few) and then work on addressing those in order for you to feel more connected to your life, more confident in your body and much happier than you have in a long time.


Are you ready to feed your hungry soul?

Do you want to feel more connected to yourself and your life than you possibly ever have done before?


Freedom with food?

Satisfaction in your job or business?

Passionate connections in your relationship?

Being accepted for who you are unapologetically? 

Perhaps you don’t even know (and that’s also normal too!)

Regardless of what your soul is starving for at the moment, I want to be brutally honest with you.

The answers to feeling truly satisfied, well fed and nourished will never be found on a diet or an eating plan nor will they be found through restriction, deprivation and trying to manipulate your body into changing size, shape and weight.

They won’t be found through the exhilaration of blowing $1000 in a single shopping spree only to keep the clothes in the bags as you feel guilty for what you bought.

They also won’t be found in the bottom of a wine glass, a packet of cigarettes or any other place which you may be looking at the moment

When we can start focusing on our needs, our truth and what we are really hungry for in life by getting back in touch with ourselves on a soul level, our relationship with food, our bodies, our personal relationships, our business and our lives change.


When we can start reconnecting to ourselves in a way we may not have done in years, we start to realise that our food struggles, compulsive shopping, toxic relationships and social binge drinking have very little to do with what we thought but are in fact coping strategies for our busy, hectic, stressful & often unsatisfied lives we lead.

When we start becoming honest with ourselves about what we really desire and crave, and then take steps towards it, symptoms of a hungry soul fade into the background.

When we listen, really listen to our soul hungers, we can hear the whispers of who we truly are.

Without the mask.

Without the stories we tell ourselves.

Without the excuses we are hiding behind.

Within this 90 minute session we will uncover the clarity you need to find your own freedom, contentment and happiness which you are truly craving


Who is this for?

Ambitious women who are serious about having it all, finding balance, peace and happiness in their bodies and their lives

Soulful women who are ready to invest in themselves + their happiness

Driven women who are READY to ditch their past life of never quite feeling good enough until they lose weight, tone up or do better

Curious women who want clarity on why they feel out of balance, disconnected and unsatisfied in life

INVESTMENT = $499 (includes recorded call)

Feel like your soul is hungrier for more? 

I also have ‘NOURISH’ 6 month mentoring + ‘NURTURE’ 90 day mentoring

What Clients Have Said

I can’t thank Rachel enough.  I feel like she has given me my life back.  Before I worked with her I was constantly on and off diets and would start one nearly every week.  The most amazing thing I have noticed now is that I am so aware of what I am doing, not just with food & eating but with life in general.  I feel like I constantly have a smile on my face! If anyone is thinking about the private coaching program with her then DO IT!!

Kathlin, Dubai

In my work, I am considered highly professional and confident, but in my personal life, I doubt myself all the time.  I should say, ‘I used to doubt myself’.  All my self-doubt led to emotional eating and my relationship with food meant that my body was suffering. I have been working with Rachel now for several months and we have talked about a range of topics that really impacted my confidence but that I had pushed out of my mind. For me, being able to talk so openly with someone of Rachel’s experience has really had a positive effect on how I see myself.  People have commented on how well I look.  I’m not quite at the end of my journey with Rachel yet, but it has been and continues to be, a hugely rewarding experience.

Nicola, Abu Dhabi

My entire life feels enhanced and improved since I worked with Rachel.  Spending time with her you can’t help but feel like you’ve known her for ages.  She’s fabulous and someone I cannot recommend enough

Holly, London

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