My coaching is tailored to you. I don’t follow a blueprint, step by step guide or system as every single client I have is different and unique. The one thing I can tell you though, is our time together will be transformational. I pride myself at being the catalyst for many of my clients being able to transform aspects of their lives in a short space of time and often change beyond recognition.

I draw on my 10+ years as a clinical and cognitive hypnotherapist and coach having worked in the UK and Dubai.

I won’t be turning you into someone you aren’t and I won’t be making you do anything you don’t wish to do. My main focus is to see where you are, what’s holding you back and help you move past that so you can get to where you want to be. In return I request your full energy and commitment, not just to me and the process, but to yourself.

Frequently my clients already know what single thing is the main issue for them and this is where the single month package is ideally suited. Typically that could be insomnia, stress management, a phobia, preparing for an important event such as an interview, public speaking or self doubt.

Details of the 28 Day Success Accelorator


Pre-start questionnaire so we know exactly what you want to achieve during our time together

4 x 50 minute Executive Coaching + Hypnotherapy sessions over Skype/zoom to be used over 4 weeks

Personalised self hypnosis MP3 to be used during and after our sessions

Online support during the 28 days


£795 (paid in full)

or 2 x £399

Due to the nature of hypnotherapy and executive life coaching, this is by application only. Please fill out the intake form below or email any questions you have and I will come back to you with further information should you be suitable to proceed with the sessions.

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