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I’m Rachel Foy. 

Food + Soul Freedom Intuitive extraordinaire.

Soul Alignment Mentor

And NOT the Diet Coach you think you need



I KNOW you truly believe that you need a diet coach right now to help you lose weight so that you can feel happier again and life will then become more enjoyable and less boring.

I believed that for 14 years too.

I also believed that I wasn’t good enough until I lost weight. I wasn’t happy enough until I lost weight. I wasn’t this enough or that enough

I’ve walked your path and felt your pain.

I spent 14 years of my life being a diet obsessed insecure individual who suffered from low self esteem, feelings of not being quite good enough and debilitating anxiety with panic attacks thrown in for good measure. I was hungry for so much more in my life, yet I didn’t know what and I didn’t know how.

I thought food was my problem.

I thought my body (her weight, size and shape) was the barrier keeping me from my happiness

I thought my lack of willpower was my issue

I thought my inability to stick to plans, programs and regimes was the reason I felt like I did.

It turned out that my struggles with food were symptomatic, symbolic and metaphoric.

Unbeknown to me, I had a hungry soul.

A real deep hunger which left me starving for much of my adolescence and 20s.

Stuffing down an entire cake fed me momentarily but the hunger returned. Always returned. And so did guilt. Shame. Disgust.

Without realising it food had become my only source of pleasure, happiness, contentment and satisfaction. It had become the replacement for the job I felt bored in, the relationship I felt unsettled in and the country I felt disconnected to.

“To a hungry soul food is an obsession, to a satisfied soul food is just food”

Trying to fix the ‘food stuff’ got me nowhere except down a path of food obsession, body hatred and weight fixation. My happiness didn’t improve. My self esteem didn’t get better. Ultimately nothing changed.

I was still lost, stuck and disconnected.

Fast forward a few years (ahem) and here I am.

A soul fed women. Well most of the time at least ( I don’t aim for perfect anymore)

I have learnt to listen to myself. Leaning into my intuition and listening to the gentle whisper of my soul as I come home to my body.

I’ve recognised how important it is to be connected to ourself, our true and authentic self and not a version based on who we think we should be. A version which no longer wears the masks to disguise our truth.

I’ve embraced my body and no longer put her through punishing exercise regimes or horrible restrictive eating plans. I no longer have a desire to manipulate her into losing weight.

I’ve become an embodied version of myself.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t always have my shit together (2 small children can make it tricky sometimes), but I have learnt to go with the ups and downs which life can throw at us.

I’ve learnt to let go of perfectionism

I’ve learnt to relax into living

I’ve learnt to get rid of the ‘to do’ lists

And most importantly, I’ve learnt to recognise what I’m hungry for so I feel truly satisfied and nourished.

Emotionally fed. Spiritually fed. Physically fed.

I am here for you.

To support and guide you

To help you realise, recognise and believe that you are enough

To show you how to stop starving your spirit and start feeding your soul

And to help you begin living your life on purpose, rather than see it just pass you by, filled with fun, enjoyment and a sprinkling of sparkle.

This is why, soul beam, you really don’t need a diet coach right now. You need to learn to step away from your food and weight struggles and start to see them for what they are. Windows of opportunity through which you can find your happiness and balance in life, without ever needing or wanting to lose weight again


Random Facts About Moi


  • I am married to my soul mate and best friend, Simon.  We met at my sister’s wedding, he was the best man!
  • I’m a mummy to 2 adorable little people, our son Simeon and our daughter Penelope (AKA Lady P!)
  • I’m British, born in Preston, Lancashire and now live in Cheshire
  • I’ve spent close to 8 years as an expat living in France, Germany and more recently Dubai.
  • I adore oracle/tarot cards, crystals and incense, my office smells divine
  • My first ‘real job’ was working in a tearoom serving cakes (not the ideal place for a binge eater)
  • I love snow boarding and spent my honeymoon in the Canadian Rockies – snow over beaches any day!
  • My spirit animal is the dragonfly
  • I’m Aquarius, birthday 1st February
  • A place I would love to visit is Japan – I love sushi!
  • I laugh at myself often, life needn’t be serious
  • Cake is by far one of my favourite foods in the world (other than sushi)
  • I’m a coffee snob. Fresh ground beans is the only way I’ll take it. #espressodrinker
Diet Coach - How To Stop Binge Eating Rachel Foy
Diet Coach - How To Stop Binge Eating Rachel Foy
Diet Coach - How To Stop Binge Eating Rachel Foy
Diet Coach - How To Stop Binge Eating Rachel Foy
Diet Coach - How To Stop Binge Eating Rachel Foy
Diet Coach - How To Stop Binge Eating Rachel Foy

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