Helping ambitious and driven individuals get more of what they crave in life by overcoming the obstacles, blocks and issues which are holding them back from stepping into their full power and potential so they can live the life they dream of!


Hi there,

I’m not yet sure why you’re here or how I can help you but if you feel there is something holding you back from fully enjoying life then you are certainly in the right place.

I’m Rachel Foy and I’ve been working with ambitious individuals like yourself for many years both in the UK and Dubai, providing rapidly effective, personalised and premium Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Executive Life Coaching for my clients, allowing them to remove any barriers to personal and professional success.¬†

I help them gain clarity.

I help them overcome beliefs or blocks which prevent them from having unstoppable self belief or self confidence.

I help them overcome any fears or worries they have perhaps around public speaking, leadership or performance.

Executive Life coaching and hypnotherapy can be applied to help ease or solve many issues and problems, both personal and professional and it’s my job to help you overcome whatever you feel is holding you back.

How to stop binge eating, emotional eating, how to be happy again and have more work life balance, diet coach - Rachel Foy

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I have a few core beliefs I wish to share with you:

  • I believe you deserve to be happy now and not when certain milestones are reached
  • I believe that you have all the answers within you to find everything you are looking for
  • I believe that everyone has an infinite supply of brilliance except many of us forget that
  • I also believe that it is possible to overcome the most challenging of issues or problems with the right help, guidance and expertise

As your coach, it’s my intention to help you remember how brilliant you are and how much untapped potential you have.

Whether you are struggling with self doubt, confidence issues, anxiety, insomnia, OCD, migraines, stress or even phobias, let’s chat and see how I can help you overcome them all.

I can help you perform at your greatest level and step into your fullest power and potential with unstoppable confidence, self belief, happiness and fulfilment.

It’s good to have you here.

How I Can Help You

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