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Hi lovely. What are you craving in life?

Like many ambitious + successful high performing women, you’ve reached a level of success which doesn’t bring the happiness you expected.

Instead you feel burnt out, no longer know who you are and feel like you are someone to everyone but yourself.

You are in the right place now.

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We all crave things in life but have you ever stopped to think about what you’re REALLY hungry for? It’s so easy for life to take over. We spend our time juggling jobs, families and homes. We put other people’s needs before our own. Our days can seem monotonously routine as we follow the clock and follow the schedule. Sometimes we give so much of ourselves that we become empty. We lose ourselves. We don’t know who we are anymore. We don’t know what we want. We start to believe we aren’t good enough. That we’re not thin enough. Not wealthy enough. Not successful enough. 

Not this enough. Not that enough

A soul fed women cannot be nourished by this way of living

Instead she will push herself harder, lose herself even more, max out her credit cards for the latest trends (just for the shopping buzz) and down her sorrows every evening with a few (too many) glasses of wine If there was a word to describe how you feel right now, how about stuck? Perhaps Lost? What about fed up? Stuck in the monotony which has become your life. Lost in the ‘to do’ lists and ‘have tos’ which grow by the day Fed up of how flat life feels and how much you dislike who you have become

Yet I know, deep within you there’s a soul which is starving to feel ALIVE, HAPPY and CONNECTED.

You see just by being here, I know you’re craving something else. You have desires, cravings and hungers which you haven’t yet fed, for whatever reason (no judgement here) Yet maybe:

  • You have no idea where to start, you know your life and your relationship with yourself is not what you want, but how do you change it?
  • You feel isolated and don’t think anyone would understand this feeling you have, after all you have so many things to be grateful for, yet there is still something missing
  • You can’t help but think that if you worked a bit harder, made a bit more money, grew your business a little bit faster that things would get better

(I’ll let you into a secret now, pushing yourself will never lead you through the ‘happy life door’ – take it from someone who tried) REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOU CURRENTLY ARE ON YOUR JOURNEY, YOU WANT TO FEEL HAPPIER You want to wake up in the morning filled with excitement and joy about the day ahead, not having that sinking feeling that it’s groundhog day again. The same routine. The same conversations. The same ‘to do’ list. The same monotony. You had so many dreams and aspirations of what it would be like when you were a successful business owner or corporate leader but quite frankly, you don’t remember signing up for this. You want to see yourself in the mirror and adore the person looking back at you, eyes sparkling, oozing confidence with belief in yourself. Yet the truth is, you have no idea how to make that your reality. You’ve tried everything (so you think) and feeling stuck, lost, disconnected and unsatisfied has become your new normal. THAT HUNGER WHICH YOU FEEL IS FOR FULLNESS OF LIFE. BALANCE. CONNECTION Yet over the years, you’ve found yourself craving and needing something to fill those empty spaces. Shopping. Wine. Chocolate. Food. Maybe even all of them! You aren’t alone. As women we have a tendency to neglect ourselves. We put ourselves last. We forget how important we really are.

I have a few core beliefs I wish to share with you soul beam:

  • I believe you deserve to be happy. NOW. Not when you’ve got your sales funnels sorted and you are bringing in $100k every month.
  • I believe that you have all the answers within you to find your true self
  • I believe that every women, including you, should be living her life to the full. Feeling confident in her body, connected to her soul and speaking her truth, unapologetically.
  • I also believe that cake for breakfast & real coffee can make you happy for the rest of the day #sorrynotsorry
It’s my intention to give you the support and guidance you need to help you start listening to those whispers. The whispers from your hungry soul.  Telling you exactly what you’re starving for. The things which will satisfy you far more than a bar of chocolate, a glass of wine or a shopping trip ever can I can help you figure out what your starved soul needs to be fed in order to feel nourished and satisfied For it’s within those whispers where your true soul nourished freedom can be found

Freedom to be you.

Freedom to live your life on purpose

Freedom to create and grow meaningful and lasting relationships with others and yourself

Freedom to love and appreciate who you are

Freedom to grow your business exponentially so you can impact the world in a way you are here for

So let me take you on a journey of how to feed your hungry soul. I’m delighted you are here xx

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